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Peer-to-peer ( P2P ) reproduces colors under Android , a mobile client based on autonomous protocol Torrent . Signed society BitTorrent application uTorrent (version 1.8 beta) eclipse on Google Play, draft hitherto in force.Called “Remote”, it was intended to remotely manage the desktop client BitTorrent for Windows and Mac OS X.

But she did not repatriate files directly on a smartphone or tablet.UTorrent fills a gap that, while acting as an RSS reader and podcast player.Note the inclusion of a search engine with no real appreciation for good reason: it must be used in conjunction with a Web browser.

Downloads are unrestricted flow. However, it is possible to limit the bandwidth allocated in the optical limit consumption of mobile data network (Wi-Fi recommended).What are the differences with the application BitTorrent , also upgrade, which seems to duplicate the first?

It seems that uTorrent is generally more responsive and swift, especially in the exercise of the upload.The first notice back on Google Play are also almost unanimously state of stability and fluidity at runtime.The remonstrances to focus more on the design of the application, in disagreement with the established codifications of Android.

Moreover, the description appears in the words “Currently Free” (“free time”). Suggesting the imminent arrival of a pay version, certainly enriched features.But this visibility and found renewed popularity which should result could open the door for obstacles, namely the use of protocol for illegal downloading.

According to TorrentFreak , the only client uTorrent, all versions, some 150 million monthly users.And competition abound , led list aDownloader, aTorrent, Frostwire or tTorrent.

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