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Education, like technology, evolves in its methods. One issue that they are trying to take advantageuSpeak makers to offer a new way of learning English users of devices Apple .

Thus, we find an application designed especially for language learning through games and interactivity, leaving aside the classic boring manuals and books to prevent users losing the motivation.

All this through a visual aspect very carefully. A project that seems spoiled and worked to the last detail. It is based on gamificación, or the idea that positive stimuli and offering fun games are the best way to learn a language. Thus, we find no cumbersome vocabulary lists, but a series of different gamesto practice and learn slowly. It also has to overcome scores and levels to motivate the user to continue using this tool.


These games are based on creating a relationship between the words to be learned and that represents the concept or meaning. Thus, we have a definition screen with fun facts about a term and several words between which we must choose the one that matches. Other games require us to train our mental agility choosing the letters of the word you just learned as quickly as possible or a term relating to photographs that represent it.

A point in favor of uSpeak is that all its contents are original. For this claim to have receivedphotographers, musicians and even poets. Thus we find original games that rely on creativity and learning fun. Note that the application is intelligent, ie patterns reflects our knowledge and gameresults to not repeat exercises and avoid boredom. Furthermore, learning progresses with the user being required to access complete exercises the following levels.


But what happens when a user reaches the highest level in all sections? People uSpeak has also had it, finding here also their source of income. And there is more content that can be acquired throughpayments within the application, expanding its capabilities and word lists. Some content continue to adapt to the user’s learning curve thanks to uSpeak algorithm.

In short, a cutting-edge application in the field of English learning that not only by its methods, but also for its attractive design, with original content and self-care of a paid application. And here another positive point for uSpeak: is completely free. For now only developed for iPhone and iPad , counting as the only language to learn English, while the goal of its creators is to expand to other languages such asPortuguese. uSpeak can get through App Store .

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