Using the Galaxy Samsung S3 as a remote control TV

If a phone is at the cutting edge, that is the Samsung Galaxy S3With the Olympic Games of London, in addition, Samsung has made its new flagship phone is almost official. And no wonder.


With the introduction of the brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 we have known the possibility of executing voice commands to open the browser, check routes and activate the GPS or activate the camera , one of the most advanced tools of this smartphone . As if these features did not have enough, today we have seen how a Galaxy Samsung S3 was able to open the room of a hotel in the city that will host the Olympic Games with more smartphones in history. We tell you how they have succeeded in opening the doorsof some rooms of the prestigious Stratford Holiday Inn hotel in London with a Samsung Galaxy S3 as a key. Where is the secret?

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As reported by the media Samsung Tomorrow , the system works in some VIP rooms of the hotelHoliday Inn Stratford and will be active during the London Olympics . In this way, guests, thanks to theapplication Y! KES installed on the Samsung Galaxy S3 may make check-in and check-out at this, open the door of the room, control the TV and air conditioning to regulate by guests. These functions are performed by a most innovative system, which runs through technology Near Field Communication (NFC) transfer through small touches the air. As you may know, the new Samsung Galaxy S3 hit the market fully equipped with a NFC chip that allows you to start implementing some of the futuristic features that at first promised. Well, it seems that the time has come, but at this time may only use this system VIP guests who have reserved a hotel room in the already quoted.

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As I announced earlier this year, the company Samsung has become the official mobile telecommunications company of the London 2012 Olympic Games , so it is not surprising that applications now emerging as interesting as the present one, using – in this case – the high performance of the Samsung Galaxy S3 , a phone already sold more than 10 million units in just three months from its coming-out on the market.

The information at hand contrasts with the ban by the International Olympic Committee , to use Wifi Hotspot feature in the sports venues that will stage this international celebration. Apparently, one of the reasons that would have banned this use would be really motivated by the fact that the operator British Telecom has installed wireless payment points in stadiums . Fortunately, all users who have asmartphone or tablet in your pocket can make use of them normally – except this function – taking photos and sending emails, provided they make use of its official 3G connection or connecting – after payment – the official wireless points .

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