Users of outdated browsers to see black

Internet Explorer is perhaps the darkest hour before in its history: On 26th October will remain black sites that do not have the latest version 9 of Microsoft’s browser will be surfed. The aim of this “go dark for IE” baptized Action: The world of obsolete versions of the browser to free.

“Old browsers harm the Web,” it says on the website to “go dark for IE”  : “They do not understand modern technology, they lack features that they are error-prone, have security holes and prevent one from the web looks like, how it should be. ” One should think of only once, what great improvements we would miss today if no one could ever replace his old TV or computer, the initiators of the action.

In short: old browsers slow down the progress of the Internet. Your users will therefore now be moved to quite rudely to a switch. The project on 26th October, there are many possible sites for users of older IE versions remain black. That to such drastic measures does, rather than advertise as per banner for a browser change has, according to “go dark for IE” a good reason to upgrade “Some users simply do not, the reasons for this are simple. And some people simply do not care, some and some may not know how it due to their ITdepartment did not. “

High cost and time required

As long as outdated browser versions are installed on a computer, this would also be used – and developers are still forced to program their sites accordingly and to make it. The cost extra time, then the lack of development of new, modern websites. The only way to move a user to switch would be to let him know that he used outdated technology and discontinue support for older browsers.

Call to switch

This can be users of Microsoft in the aging Windows XP operating system with the action comes possibly from the head to believe the initiators do not: Because of the lack of support they could indeed upgrade to IE9, they would be free to turn to another modern browser to decide. Therefore, in addition, led to a download link to Microsoft’sInternet Explorer  also includes links to Google’s Chrome  , Mozilla Firefox  , Apple Safari  and Opera  .

Who is the collective browser blackout on 26 Wants to participate in October, on the website to “go dark for IE” also a suitable code to embed on your website to the users of these legacy IE versions to blacken. A selection of those sites that participate in the campaign, can be found on the website to “go dark for IE”.

Who’s behind it?

Who is behind the whole action is still unclear. Appears to be very likely, however, that Microsoft is at least involved  even if lacking appropriate information. The group had in the past with similar activity but keeps trying to persuade its users to switch browsers. Striking also is the date: On 26 Windows 8 will appear in October and with it the new Internet Explorer 10th

One statistic of Netmarketshare  According worldwide surf nevertheless still 3.04 percent of IE users with Microsoft’s IE7  and almost twice as many, namely 5.55 percent, 6 with the older versionThe current version is IE9 from 18.56 per cent of IE users use the previous version 8 of 25.68 percent.

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