Users facing Disk Drive problem in Xbox One

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According to the Microsoft,  problem that is causing the disk drive to your new Xbox console One are only affecting a very small number of users.

The company has announced it is working with those affected by these problems “so that nobody is left without playing with the new generation of consoles.” As stated Microsoft portal Kotaku, “The issue is affecting a very small number of clients Xbox One . We are working directly with those affected to get a console replacement for them as soon as possible through our exchange program anticipated. Rest assured that we are taking care of our customers. “

According to several videos posted on YouTube by consumers for Xbox One, the disc player console Microsoft does not operate normally, so customers have complained about the problem. To do this, Microsoft has ensured that all those who detected a problem with the disk drive will have a spare console to not spend much time without playing. “We know that with hardware launching of this magnitude, customers will have questions and we have many ways to get the answers they need and return to play as soon as possible,” said a representative of the company. “Any customer who experiences a problem with your Xbox One , you must notify us, “he added.

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