Use of “memes” is illegal in Russia

The Russian agency responsible for ensuring the online media in Russia, called Roskomnadzor, last week issued a statement declaring illegal the “memes” in which celebrities appear in attitudes that are not real.


However, the portal “Washington Post” said that this measure is not new, but an update of an existing policy, which prohibits mock the honor, dignity and work of public figures through images on the Internet or any other half.

If you publish a “meme” that affects someone, the Russian government has two possible penalties apply to anyone who disclosed: block content within Russia or remove the website.

The process of criminalization however requires the aggrieved person makes a complaint. If the agency Roskomnadzor admitted as valid, issued a warrant for that offensive content will be removed.

According to Russian media, the rule of judgment arose winning singer Valeri Syutkin Russian web Lurkmore, in which users were using his image to create “memes” and insulting words caliber.

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