Updates ROM, Root HTC One and aesthetic modifications to your ROM

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This week we bring you news from the scene including most notably a pack to release bootloader and rooting HTC One , applications that allow you to customize your smartphone such as changing the logo / image that shows the battery indicator or customize example- screen release, adding the shortcuts you want and being able to unlock directly to an application according to the level you shake the terminal.

This time we will play the news from last week and is still in force and as you know we flew to New York to show you what will be the next super smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4 . And with that, we begin with Current ROM:

Let’s start with the support for Android ICS Developer astohcheah of XDA-Developer. Comes ability to modify your unlock screen to leave to your liking. We present C-Locker, and is just an app used to customize your unlock screen, you can add shortcuts to easily launch applications more heap up without unlocking the terminal and go find the app in question .



In theory you should be able to download it from Google Play , but at the time of writing the website dedicated post Play Store was not available, so, just in case, I approached the latest version-1.3.1-exclusively ( Download ).

We continue with another contribution from the same developer, C-Shaker , which comes as an application launcher that works like apps or functions as activator shake the phone. Enable / disable: Wi-Fi, mobile data, Bluetooth, screen rotation. Also start playing a song, launch an app that let predefined flashlight on or off or even turn off the screen.

c-shaker1            c-shaker3            c-shaker2

And to end with the last contributions of astoncheah we leave with C-Widget in its latest version, an application that allows us to customize a widget from head to toe leaving we want to display information system, weather, etc..



We continue with one of the features that make HTC Sense devices 5 and now you can enjoy it on any Android with Android 2.2 or higher. This is a shortcut in the notification pull down bar with which you can enter a configuration menu with typical interface HTC Sense.
HTC Sense Quick Settings 5

To enjoy it you just have to install the application on your device rooteado. There are two versions of the application, one with power controls ( download ) and one without power controls ( download ).


We arrived at the most interesting point of this week, the arrival of the All-in-One Toolkit for HTC One that allows rooting, unlock bootloader and endless possibilities for smartphone HTC One , that after initial problems stockaje is about reach the market.


This new version of All-In-Ine Toolkit comes from the hand, again, Hasoon2000 and as you can see in the picture offers a lot of options to play with the new HTC One, a terminal that has left us very impressed .

We continue with another new alternative for managing multitasking. Since Galaxy Note II came to market with its bar allowing applications to run concurrently on the same screen and two apps, many are the alternatives that mimic this functionality. We we have already discussed above the existence of multiple-Sidebar or Glovebox-, and today we show Sidepanel, an alternative open source Apache License 2.0:


sidepanel3  sidepanel2

As you can see if you drag from the outer edge of the screen to the center bar appears with direct access to applications that have previously configured. This new application has something that the other two do not and is simply the free software philosophy, ie anyone can modify and use this code to create and improve the functionality of it.

In fact, if you are a developer and you want to take a look, sukso96100 – sidepanel-developer has created a guide and released the code under Apache License 2.0 to be able to understand its structure and is more efficient at making changes.

Changing the icons that show the status / battery percentage of your Android device is a long as it involves getting the Framework, deodex, modify, re-package and upload it to your phone. But we showed a Windows application that will make life easier in this arduous process: OG Battery Mod .


Requires installed. NET Framework 4.0 and JAVA on your PC and Windows and needs it . NET Framework 4.0 & Java .Once installed you will have access modification options OG Battery Mod by triple click the battery icon:

Screenshot 24.03.2013 to (s) 05/13/22

Tested on Galaxy Ace terminals 2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2, Note 2 CDMA Galaxy, Galaxy Tab 7.7 , Galaxy S2, Acer tablet, Xperia Mini St15I, Motorola ATRIX 2 and 4 but the Nexus author OsamaGhareeb says it should be compatible with most smartphones.

We also want to show you an interesting application that will prevent, in a way, that stay in evidence in places where if you receive a call and have forgotten silence your smartphone could look at you with a face. Ringer is Intelligent.


It is a promising application to modify the volume of a terminal dynamically as ambient noise there is, in at least one library attenuate the melody while in the street within one would jam the maximum volume when you received a called.

Intelligent Ringer needs a little calibration period to adjust to changing ambient noise is not the same carry in your pocket, in the jacket, shirt or inside a bag. You can download the application from Google Play .

We continue FolderMounter, an application that allows you to save internal space on your smartphone. Many smartphones have a very limited capacity of internal memory and despite enjoying a memory card SD high capacity, run out of space to install apps, and even take pictures. To solve the problem, the developer has released madmack FoldeMounter.

Screenshot 24.03.2013 to (s) 13.18.40

In short we can say that this app makes a symbolic link that originally are internal routes and redirects them to a folder on your memory card or external storage-integrated-opening the possibility to install more applications and games on your device. You can download the free version 0.2b from here .

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