Update Chrome promises to increase battery life of notebooks

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The Google Chrome team has announced that the latest stable version of the browser will increase the battery life of the notebook, at least somewhat. Well more than one bit for some. Furthermore, the feature “Do not track” is finally in the browser. 

“This latest version also includes an option to send a request” do not track “for websites and web services. The effectiveness of these applications depends on how sites and services respond, so Google is working with others in a common way to respond to these requests in the future, “the company said. This is obviously useful for those who do not want their browsing habits tracked as they surf the Internet, for advertising purposes or other. 

On the longer battery life of your device, the Google team said  that “recently have enabled the acceleration of video decoding GPU for Chrome on Windows. Chips dedicated graphics draw significantly less power than the CPU of a computer, so use them to watch videos can increase the battery life significantly. ” 

“In our tests, the battery lasted 25% more when the acceleration of video decoding GPU was enabledNow users of Chrome on Windows will have greater autonomy from being interrupted while watching your favorite video on YouTube. “

Besides saving energy, the Chrome team has also implemented controls easier to handle permissions for specific sites, such as geolocation and access video and microphone. Basically, the browser is helping to save resources and privacy. A lot of sites currently verifies their location, even when they do not really need. 

If you are a Chrome user, you will probably get updates automatically. To manually update, just go to “About Google Chrome” in the menu bar and it will start updating.

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