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In 1997 Apple launched its Think Different , an announcement partly symbolizes the rebirth of a company on the verge of bankruptcy and that one of parts reads:

You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. But the only thing you can not do is ignore them.Because They change things.

You can quote them, disagree, glorify or vilificarlos. But the only thing you can not do is ignore them.

Fifteen years later and six years since it was first introduced, it is probably the best way to define the iPhone 5 . You can love him or hate him, you can look like a work of art or the latest rave for the masses of Apple, but the only thing you can not do is ignore it.

And is that the fifth iPhone, the sixth generation, comes with the intention to change a lot of things. Faster, bigger but lighter, with a better camera, a new connector and many new features that we will go shelling along this review.

The iPhone 5 is a terminal repeats formula, tastefully finished, complete integration with the entire Apple ecosystem and still some outstanding details. We are going to analyze in depth the new Apple flagship terminal, performance, availability, the improvements over previous models and how they behave with respect to competition.

For almost six years later since its introduction the iPhone not only revolutionized several markets along the way, but it is a new standard that defines them. With tougher competition and dignified than ever, the iPhone 5 takes some ideas borrowed, introduces new ones and revolutionizes many others. 5 million units sold, high expectations and surprises. This is the new iPhone 5.

Design, materials and finishes

In a sense, one can say that the iPhone 5 back to its origins. With the same finish aluminum, anodised in this case, the iPhone 5 has a unibody structure resulting in several advantages. The first one is a phone that is incredibly nice, well built and very good looking. But the second and most important is that it is extremely light.It is one of the first sensations transmitted as soon as out of the box , can be bigger and taller, but certainly weighs much less, and appreciated.

Apple has achieved this mainly thanks to aluminum and removing the glass from the back. As a result, we have a phone that oozes quality and at the same time, is lightweight and comfortable to hold without losing consistency or give a feeling very robust.

The outlines are very similar to those found in the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S , simply lengthen to accommodate the new 4-inch screen. The new unibody body leaves two lines on the back, top and bottom made of plastic and that leave room for the antennas and the new camera with sapphire crystal and LED flash plus a microphone for the new system that promises even more quality calls.

White or black??’s Some frequently asked questions regarding the iPhone 5. In both cases the difference is purely aesthetic, many users have reported problems yet with pickets and black stripes on the model. This is because aluminum is not black, but which is coated. Thus, by biting the phone from edges and sharp objects, reveals the true aluminum layer of grayish highlights turn against black.

In our tests we have not noticed any of these problems, although it is true that in the case of white, leading into the color of aluminum, the problem is solved or at least much more sneaky. All terminals “envecejen” for use in one way or another and imperfections appear a matter of time, it makes sense to choose the color for a simple matter of taste and aesthetics.

The beveled edge is now black or white depending on the case, not silver as with the iPhone 4 and 4S, which gives a smoother feel to the phone and is one of the details of quality construction, in practice, we liked. By manufacturing the iPhone 5, a machine selected from 725 possible combinations of two and choose the appropriate pieces to fit perfectly with the rest of the phone, are those little details compulsive obsession for perfection those just doing the design of the iPhone 5 a small wonder.

Technical Specifications

They are 0.76 inches thick and weighing 112 grams. It is available in capacities of 16, 32 and 64 GB with prices and rates have already detailed .


The screen is 1136 by 640 pixels at a density of 326 pixels per inch. It is a Retina display but not exactly equal to what we had in previous models, but has improved substantially and provides up to 44% more color contrast. As usual, it is a difference that is seen almost exclusively when we face and what we can comprarar, although both screens just put under a microscope so that the difference becomes apparent.

On the iPhone 5, the pixel array and touch go together, this is a direct consequence of a feeling accentuated be interacting directly with the content displayed on it and according to Apple reduced reflections in it.


The iPhone 5 now supports LTE connections. This moment is so in countries that support it, like the United States or Mexico in October , Spain com Sites we ran out of time while the big operators LTE finalize the arrival of it permanently. The supposed LTE speeds up to 100 Mb / s, however DC-HSDPA, a technology that is available in Spain itself, allows theoretical speeds up to 42 Mb

Anyway, the iPhone 5 feels much faster. In part because of thenew A6 processor, which will detail later, and partly due to improvements in both mobile and WiFi connectivity. Tests with 3G connection in Madrid and good coverage result in information that you see in the picture, but as operator and availability may become higher.


About Battery Apple promises 8 hours talk time up to 8 hours on 3G, standby time of 225 hours, 8 hours of web browsing, 10 hours WiFi, 10 hours of video playback and 40 hours of audio playback. But that only numbers, and the numbers should never be handled with care. Not only because they often do not correspond to reality, but because the same is too changeable and variable for us to define something as subjective as battery life with them.

So to put it in practical terms we would say that the battery of the iPhone 5 is much better than the iPhone 4Sand comparable to that of other high-end phones that are now on the market, like the Samsung Galaxy S III or One X of HTC. It is one of the details, unfortunately, yes I would have liked to see radically improved in the iPhone 5. For heavy users of the iPhone, as the undersigned, strongly dependent phone throughout the day not only to communicate but to work, the battery life is one of the key aspects.

And the reality is that until today no one, not even Apple, has achieved an incremental improvement in this regard. Nothing batteries that can hold more than one day of heavy use or where we can trust if we travel a couple of days to the point without the charger without problems. He preferred a little more weight and thickness or battery exchange, but, again, it’s just a personal taste.

The camera

We arrived at one of the critical parts in a terminal, or at least one where the buyer at street level, that you never forget the Apple and yes many of those involved to discuss the iPhone.The camera is one of the determining factors for most users, in this case the iPhone 5 is not far behind. With regard to the iPhone 4S, probably the best camera of its generation, we see many improvements. The first one refers to the new sapphire crystal that protects the outside.

With this crystal get that this is much more resistant to scratches and gouges. It is an aspect that is difficult to measure because personally I’ve never noticed any iPhone that little circular glass damaged portion. It’s good to know, though, that Apple has this aspect carefully and sapphire crystal offers better picture quality with more resistance.

The front camera is one of the aspects that have been enhanced in the iPhone 5. Now has 1.2 megapixels and can record video at 720p and 30 frames per second. So against including the iPhone 4 and 4S, which was fair enough luminosity specific situations, the difference is very large. Place a call using FaceTime and a good connection also means an increase in image quality that is appreciated, even at the cost of spending more details.

The video recording rear camera is 1080p at 30 frames per second. Although I doubt if it’s because iOS 6, the hardware itself (the sensor is from Sony) or A6 processor in conjunction with gyroscopes and motion detectors video stabilization shows very accurate, and can record video while walking and holding moving the camera with one hand without the classic jerks and movements in the final video file.

Let us without delay to the important part How are the photos taken with the iPhone 5?. Whereas there is a dramatic increase in relation to which we can take with the iPhone 4S really is a noticeable difference with respect to the 4 and improving what we already had in various aspects. The colors are a bit saturated with the iPhone 4S and more alive, there is more room to avoid being out overexposures in different parts of the picture and at the same time to avoid very dark areas.

As Apple has dramatically improved image capture in low-light situations, and can attest that it is. This is especially noticeable in the HDR shooting. With this feature enabled, even on occasions where it is appropriate to use such photographs brightness by far the colors came out quite well, with the iPhone 5 teste use HDR in such situations is virtually mandatory, and you notice an improvement immediately .

Regarding the speed of image capture, if the iPhone 4S enduring trouble shooting in burst mode at full speed without it being detrimental to the quality of the pictures on the iPhone 5 is even more impressive. It is virtually impossible to tap the screen so fast that we achieve “collapse” the speed at which it opens and closes the shutter and digital animation that accompanies it. Coupled with this, now while recording video we take pictures, was once one of the most talked about features in the X One HTC when it launched in February and iPhone 5 is coming to the unique feature (not available for the 4S )

The views are some of the features of iOS 6, work well and intuitively, can be activated easily and the results are very good. Many users are warning of problems with purple reflections in the lens, and I myself have been a victim of the same. Remains to be seen however whether this is really a point of failure or simply a natural behavior of the iPhone’s camera to certain types of light, is a theme that also appears to vary in intensity from one iPhone to another.

Is the iPhone 5 the best camera on the market? Today seems to have only one competitor, the Lumia 920 has been shown to behave excellently in low light situations. We should see that if the type of software and user interface that accompanies it, as the Windows Phone 7.5 leaves much to be desired. Even with all, stay in the technical characteristics of the camera of the iPhone 5 is keep half the cake, the other apps in the App Store and the chances of them make the iPhone 5 is all you need to bring a high-end compact pocket.

Lightning Connector

Along with the iPhone 5 Apple has changed the 30-pin connector with a new 8-pin: Lightning. And Lightning is much, much smaller, about one third of its predecessor and surprise the first time you take it out of the box.One of the great advantages is that it is reversible and can be entered from the right or the other way around. It is a change we will change life but certainly appreciated, we can simply plug it without compunction.

The Lightning connector includes a chip authentication, which is not advisable to buy it from somewhere else other than Apple, where we do not exactly come cheap. It is an obvious improvement in every way but in this aspect is the main drawback for me. Many are those that over time we have accumulated cables old and have spread across the nightstand for charging, office, car or any other place.

With Lightning cuidas like gold or cable and the charger that came in the box or you can go forgetting to recharge unless you buy one or the new adapter that offers Apple , whose main problem is that it removes features like output controllable audio from a device. It is a problem that is solved or the time or money paid by but at the moment is a bit annoying. Is the new connector that Apple will use as a standard for their products, in fact is already in the new iPod Touch and probably see in the next iPad. As open detail had been nice to see some sort of integration with USB 3.0 accompanying the new MacBook and MacBook Pro Retina.

Headphones EarPods

The EarPods, like Lightning, the new headphones are basic and replace previous Apple will include from now on all its products, whether the iPhone or any of the iPods. They are not a substitute for in-ear headphones , which are still sold as a far higher price ($ 79) than the EarPods ($ 29).

How is the quality of new EarPods? The first time you hear them, surprised. Report highlights its design and form, although it helps to better fit in the ear. They are the result, according to Apple, 3 years of research and thus corresponds precisely to make an attempt to fit as many flags as possible hearing, one of the main complaints with these. Personally I find very comfortable and are positioned perfectly, without falling, slipping or disturbed when placed, but there have been examples and reviews of people that keeps bothering them in the ear.

As for the sound quality, the first time the use EarPods quality surprising. From an audiophile standpoint, for $ 30 that cost us no doubt that in the market there are much better options and better quality but after all come free with the iPhone and pose, that does not place any doubt, a significant improvement which had earlier.And when I say significant improvement as that from night to day, appreciates and is grateful that Apple has this aspect carefully. Again we return to a point where it happens that many hate and love so many new EarPods, my impression is that it is a good improvement and that many users will appreciate.

Comparatively speaking are the same length and with the same quality in the cable that the in-ear, which are what I use. The only noticeable difference is in the volume and playback controller which is wider, larger and more robust than we had before.

iOS 6

iOS 6 is another essential gear of iPhone 5, an incremental improvement over iOS 6 that basically improves everything we had but still with some outstanding details.


We got to the point review on the playing address archiconocidos and controversial maps, thanks to iOS also come to iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. While the first two functions are lost as Flyover (view 3D buildings) and turn by turn GPS navigation on the 4S and 5 are supported exactly the same functions, an aspect to keep in mind if you have an iPhone 4S and We are considering switching to the iPhone 5.

Where did you see the difference, by far, is in the new A6 processor. It causes not only the 3D maps load faster but move, expand or reduce them is a delight in fluidity and speed. That extra half inch is the iPhone 5with 4-inch screen also benefits the maps and makes it go better.

But getting to the point of how bad, or good, are the maps of iOS 6? They note that it is an area where Apple has a long, but much room for improvement. It is important to distinguish, however, two very important things. On one side the mapping operation, behind the bearing technology, the design and efficiency. Furthermore, the database with the information and the search engine behind it.

As for design, iOS maps 6 are for me the most beautiful thing ever made on a mobile device. So clear. They are easy to display, show a relevant business information, what business is, it integrates seamlessly with Yelp andturn by turn navigation is clear at all times what route, or detour direction we should take. The technology makes vectorized maps are up to five times more efficient than its closest rival, Google Maps. Flyover has its errors, but in 99% of the time it works well and is impressive in three dimensions visit cities like New York or San Francisco from the palm of your hand. There is therefore a problem of approach to application or operating.

It is a problem of data information. If I look for “Flower Street, Madrid”, Maps returns no results, however if I search “Calle de la Flor, Madrid”, his real name for the purposes of official record, then yes it shows. It is a small but important detail that Google solved years ago but that Apple continually passes bill. Along with such misplaced numbers abound along a silent, non-existent addresses and other problems? Improve the Apple Maps over time? After testing them since the first beta of iOS 6 and see the incredible change that have hit within three months I do not have no doubt, and also do not take much time to get better. At what point can be compared to those of Google in terms of information and reliability? That, unfortunately, is still too early to tell.


Siri incorporates some new features, like the ability to search for restaurants, theaters and sports information consult. Also in this case are not functions exclusive iPhone 5, but are likewise available in the 4S. In iOS 6 thank details as the new DND mode, which allows completely mute notifications for a period of time.

Siri was already an essential part of the iPhone 4S, but unfortunately it was only available in English. With iOS 6 becomes available in Spanish, and it’s something that directly benefits the iPhone 5. Create reminders based on location (“Remind me to call my partner when I get to the office”, “Remember me to do laundry when you get home”) is simple and practical. Search for restaurants, look at my schedule for the day or take small notes work well and are probably more features I use. Tweet, post on Facebook, check the bag, ask directions to a site and many more features are also things you can do with Siri. To activate it, just hold the center button to start, if we know all the functions necessary to touch the little i next to “How I can help?”.

FaceTime, Passbooks, VIP Mail

Other highlights are now Facetime via 3G may be expanding its possibilities; Passbooks, bypassing Apple’s solution for the time being the NFC almecenar all our coupons, loyalty cards and VIP tickets and finallycontacts, a boon for those who receive tons of email.

FaceTime option is appreciated, although doing so through a mobile connection it should be noted that we can consume our rate of data quickly. In tests, even with relatively poor coverage, the new front camera at 720p was put into action and offered a much improved picture quality.

Passbooks is one of those options, however well implemented and elegant it may be, will not end up being really useful to third party systems begin to adopt it. By the time the first case in real life, I found to buy some tickets at Kinepolis cinema, the whole process running smoothly and with the comfort of knowing that had entries stored on my iPhone. Companies like Delta Airlines or Starbucks are also using it and personally I think is a very promising future ahead.

And as for VIP mail, its great advantage is that it allows for notifications and warnings exclusively for such contacts, which helps filter all mail input that we read. Well configured, the VIP mailing list to help us move some of the other really important messages and helps differentiate between social networking notifications, for example, and emails of friends or colleagues.

Applications suited to the new screen

Except curiously of the Apple Stores , all Apple applications have been updated to the new screen size and work perfectly with the iPhone 5. What happens however with other developers? So far the results are mixed, there is a good percentage that have already been upgraded including most official applications like Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook. For others though, like Spotify, Dropbox or Skype, still have to continue waiting. It is a temporary situation and that will be resolved in the course of the next few weeks, but they certainly notice if we want to make the jump to the iPhone 5.

Probably the closest thing to the fact that applications have to adapt to the new screen size we find two years ago when you had to upgrade to the new density Retina display. The transition at that time was fast for most apps and after a while it was hard to find applications not adapted.

The legacy of iOS

Even with all iOS 6 begins to give more and more signs of aging. To put it simply, it is a system which is intended for everyone. This is both its greatest virtue and its greatest fault, because on one hand makes anyone can use it without problem and access even more advanced functions without any complications, but otherwise makes users more advanced features sigh for yes are in other operating systems.

iOS 6 remains closed as a nut. A model that has been successful and it is definitely better in my opinion that too much openness in Android, for example, but in which we would like to see how certain parts are opened to allow more space for developers and others to innovate. Multitasking, notifications and central parts of the interface are just some examples.


The new A6 processor is definitely the best addition to the phone. Above dare I say it on the screen. Considering the different benchmarks , all point to the same thing, is even faster dual core than most quad core Android competition, cross referenced to Galaxy S III and HTC One X.

Competition we will instruct in the following section, as the processor A6, the more direct involvement of these levels of speed is that any application in the iPhone 5 operates in a much more fluid, from Web pages load in Safari , Twitter clients, applications, video editing, photography and of course games. As is noteworthy games for Real Racing 3, which will bring when available graphics comparable to a video game to our pocket.

Here are some speed tests conducted comparing an iPhone 4S:

  • Opening of the New York Times in Safari: 2 seconds in the iPhone and 4.3 on the iPhone 4S.
  • Temple Run Charge: 2 seconds in the iPhone 5, 3.2 on iPhone 4S.
  • Starting time: 24 seconds in the iPhone 5, 29 in the iPhone 4S.
  • Open iPhoto for iOS: 0.9 seconds in iPhone 5, iPhone 4S 1.4 in.

These are only examples, where you really notice the speed over the iPhone 5 is in daily use, and scrolling to see the natural movement without lag regarding our finger, to capture photos at full speed while recording video or taking them.

The iPhone and competition

As we said at the beginning of the review, the iPhone can love or may hate, but can not be ignored, and that’s something that probably noting competition now. The iPhone 5 comes as Android stronger than ever and where various functions, such as taking photos while recording video, were present in phones like the One X from none other than February.

In the table below can see a comparison of the iPhone with respect to competition, is a table that provides only data, which in these cases is often a double-edged sword. For example, the A6 is as mentioned and as witnessed most benchmarks than the rest, even if fewer cores and operate at a lower speed. Furthermore, the X One screen to me it still seems slightly superior to the iPhone 5, although not so marked evidences seeing only numbers.

Screen 4.8 inches 4.5 inches 4.7 inches 4 inch
Resolution 1280×720 1280×720 1280×720 1136×640
Weight 133g 185g 130g 112g
Thickness 8.6 mm 10.7 mm 8.9 mm 7.6 mm
Processor Exynos 4 Snapdragon S4 Tegra 3 A6
Speed 1.4 GHz 1.5 GHz 1.5 GHz 1.3 GHz
Storage (GB) 16/32/64 GB 32 GB 32 GB 16/32/64 GB
Camera 8 MP 8 MP 8 MP 8 MP
NFC Yes Yes Yes No
Platform Android 4.0.4 Windows Phone 8 Android 4.0.4 iOS 6

The iPhone 5 plays a key advantage: comes later. Comes next and being able to afford his opponents look over his shoulder. Today, the iPhone 5 is the best smartphone you can buy, with the largest (and mostly better) number of applications, a camera to match, an operating system easy to use and consistently linked to a spectacular construction and design .



The iPhone 5 is the best iPhone to date. It is also compared with those to be labeled as boring or little revolutionary, radical leap we have seen with respect to a previous model, above even the 3GS to 4S change. The 4-inch display, A6 processor, improved camera, Siri and iOS in 6 are the reason that this is so.

With respect to competition and at the moment, the iPhone again win the crown of best phone. It may not for long and never forgetting that being the best does not mean being superior in absolutely every aspect. But compared to other models that focus on the rise more and more technical (More cores!, More megapixels!, NFC!), The iPhone is focused on rounding its ecosystem, with iCloud, iOS and what more importantly, to offer a flawless user experience.

Is it worth upgrading to iPhone 5? Depends, having an iPhone 4S, unless you have 600 to $ 900 loose change is hardly justified if not by the size of the screen, camera and a battery lasting a little longer. If you’re usingiPhone 4, Siri, navigation maps, Flyover and panoramic photographs are a good reason to assess change, considering that in the case of not updating we will continue with a very good phone that although is 2 years iOS will keep holding for at least one more. And if you have an iPhone 3GS, jumps without hesitation, there may be features of iOS 6 that may be available to him, but the overall changes are too pronounced to ignore.

What am Android user? Or Windows Phone? It depends on the philosophy you look into an operating system and how happy you are with it. In my personal case iPhone is the first choice, but other handsets like the HTC One X, the Galaxy Nexus or Lumia 920 (on sale next month), are also very solid alternatives.

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