An Unbiased Review of the LG G3

LG recently launched the LG G3 and made a good impression in the market. Here is an unbiased review of the smartphone and its good and bad features that would help you decide whether to buy the phone or not. LG G3 has a modern look having subtle curves, brushed metal finish and is sharp. It can be described as bigger, simpler to use and has higher resolution.

How Does it Look?

5.5 inch display of LG G3 makes handset larger and it is a very convenient handset in this size. It sits on the desk flat which implies that sometimes you might have to prod at camera lens which is located just above that is round and flat. Those fond of symmetry will  love rear of G3 because camera has infrared laser and that gives the phone a balanced design.

The metallic paint on the brushed metal is less susceptible to the fingerprints compared to glossier materials. This cannot be said about G2. By contrast bezels are narrow, front is completely dominated by display and has modest chin near bottom. A lot of noise was made regarding the floating arc design and to a large extent it lives up to the hype. You may use Ebay coupons if you want to buy one for yourself.



How is it’s Display?

It has Quad HD and G3 certainly is not first phone with screen of this resolution. High resolution images and videos appear very sharp and nicely created. The colors are vivid and not oversaturated and have decent viewing angles. Everything appears similar to regular HD displays on the competing phone. Now icons look sharper compared to earlier.

How efficient is it’s software?

LG believes that “To be simple is to be great”. LG has tried to improve Android experience and you can experience it too by using Snapdeal discount coupons. Its camera is possibly the simplest part of software. Taking pictures has become so simple that it is literally a child’s play. You can access all options though there are not many due to simplicity, change things still mostly the setup will function well. Android interface is flatter now compared to earlier one. It is comparatively light despite being skinned version of OS.

Another important addition is “Smart Notice”. It is focused on the usage of phone. If you call a number often or receive calls from you will be suggested to add it to the contacts. Or you skipped some call with message saying person will be called back but you did not. It shall prompt you to do that. “smart tips” is another addition. You will have menu options that include Knock Code, camera and Smart Notice. Every menu opens up page with the short You Tube videos that are the tips.

How Sharp is the Camera?

In LG G3 the camera modes have been reduced to four. LG has kept things very simple by paring the number of overall menu options. ISO has no manual options and you have voice shutter option that takes picture when you say “smile”. or similar sounding words. It is useful for selfies because feature operates both for rear and front cameras. It also has a hand gesture option. There is infrared laser focus system which is first for any camera. Pictures are quite impressive. Selfie camera around front has larger pixels to assist it in low light condition. Take a look at for the latest deals and coupons on G3.

How long is it’s battery life?

Surprisingly G3 battery can last whole day without a top up, which is very good for a smartphone. Its 3,000mAh cell can manage for 10 hours. The cell can also be removed and you may carry spare if you don’t want to run out of battery at any time. Only drawback that could be observed is the time taken for charging via USB.