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MEXICO CITY-As long planned, diabetes is now the leading cause of death in Mexico: one in seven deaths occurred in our country are due to her. This year alone more than 80,000 die as a result of the Mexican disease. That is, diabetes has become a serious health issue, and a major threat in an epidemic that affects the entire country.’

This incurable degenerative chronic disease has many signs and symptoms, and, therefore, increases the cost of care in the health sector. A person with diabetes develops in 10 years, on average, diabetic foot and retinopathy, nephropathy and neuropathy. And each of these complications is very costly and must be addressed immediately by qualified personnel.

Therefore, any scientific and technological advances to combat the effects of diabetes and improve the quality of life of their patients is welcome.

Among recent highlights Diabetic’s milk, supplemented with a formula developed by Marta Menjivar, a researcher at the School of Chemistry (CF) of the UNAM.

This milk is designed especially for Mexicans with diabetes, with the aim of improving, at low cost, their quality of life. Unlike low-calorie beverages (referred to as light) not only has less fat, but also attends each biochemical parameters having uncontrolled diabetics.

It is a nutritional supplement, not a drug, which was obtained through the joint efforts of the UNAM and the Mexican company Pasteuriser Lion, based in León, Guanajuato.

The product connects to the UNAM with that company specializing in dairy products since 2009, when it signed a letter of intent from a mixture developed by The Genetics of Diabetes CF, after studying the metabolism of patients mestizos and Indians in the country with power characteristics, height, muscle mass and heredity.

“The company bet Leon Pasteuriser the project, a technological development designed from the accumulated results of the formula-creator Marta Menjivar-rigor characteristic of research at the UNAM and the seriousness of its findings, and not mistaken. The results were conclusive in all experimental models used, including humans, “said Jorge Vazquez Ramos, director of CF.

Outstanding scientific

As regards Menjivar, holds a Master of Science (Cell Biology) and a PhD in Science (Biology) from the Faculty of Science at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, a specialization in Clinical Biochemistry and a postdoc in Biology Molecular, University of Oulu, Finland. Since 1991 Menjívar a member of the National System of Researchers (SNI).

“Without it, without his team and without the dedication we all put into the research and development of this formula, this project would not have existed. Today comes a product that will make a difference in the health of millions of Mexicans, “said Virginia Gonzalez, who is managing partner of Diabetic’s.

We can say, then, that Diabetic’s has committed to a researcher, and a faculty of a university, with the confidence of a company and with the support of the authorities.

“Without question, Pasteuriser Leon hopes that millions of Mexicans who have diabetes will benefit Diabetic’s consumption,” says Marcela Loza, president of the board of this company.

Two types of care

There are two types of diabetes:

Type 1 or insulin-dependent juvenile. It affects children and young people. Since they can not produce insulin, injecting needed to stay alive.

Type 2 is the most common. It occurs in people over 40 years of age and is associated with overweight. It also tends to run in families. Although these patients do produce insulin, do not in sufficient quantity or your body can not properly use the hormone.

Costly disease

The Universal

MEXICO CITY-According to the World Health Organization, in the world there are about 346 million diabetics, in Mexico, the number of these patients reaches 6.4 million and could reach 11 million in the next decade. Furthermore, diabetes care costs about 8 billion dollars annually, according to the National Institute of Public Health.


A patient with diabetes will tend to lose sight and become blind 10 or 20 years after they become ill, depending on the care they need.

Tribute to Banting

The World Diabetes Day is celebrated on November 14, as a tribute to Canadian physiologist Frederick Grant Banting, who was born that day, but in 1891, and who, with his compatriot Charles H. Best, insulin was isolated for the first time in 1921.

This, diabetes was no longer a fatal disease and became a controllable.
The purpose of this day commemorated worldwide, is to know the causes, symptoms, treatment and complications associated with this condition.

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