Ultrabook and tablet for business: the challenge of touch Windows 8

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IFA 2012 will be remembered for the usual (and necessary) collection of big screens at the cutting edge of image definition and functionality (smart or not smart) and, for the first time ever, the presence of tens of preview models of new computers. Equipped with Windows 8.

Two months after the launch of the operating system, Microsoft has fully exploited the great showcase hi-tech Berlin. Eight of them was the real star? Statement perhaps exaggerated but to bring prestige to the new platform tiles Redmond helped all the elite of the computing industry: Samsung, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Toshiba, Sony, Dell and HP as well. None. The challenge is played mainly on ergonomic portable, how to transform in seconds from tablets to ultrabook systems using sliders, hinges or docking keyboard and built-in battery. Some have perhaps exaggerated (Asus with Taichi), proposing an ultrabook with dual screens, one of which is strictly tactile, but the wake of ultralight notebook (to be controlled at your fingertips or using a special stylus) is traced, even in key professional. Microsoft and Intel as they wanted.

Ultrabook and tablet on display at IFA
One wonders, however, whether an ultrabook touchscreen capacitive technology with 10 points of contact, in screen sizes ranging from 11, 6 inch up to 15.6 “, is really useful to managers and corporate employees and if the costs will be in line with the promises of the product for the mass market. hard you fall below the 800 euros in the price list, at least for the time being; easier you travel around 1,000 euros, but official information about pochine there are ( however, it comes to 150 euros more than the conventional ultrabook).

As for the tablet, from Berlin you can also deduce the fact the arrival of Windows 8 actually putting in a corner Android as regards the products with professional aspirations and business oriented. Models based on the new version 4.1 Jelly Bean if they are counted on the fingers of one hand (three of Lenovo, which has also unveiled a seven-inch model) and it lets presume a specific choice of field operated by the vendor.

The motorized Google tablet is a perfect gadget media which must not exceed the size of 10.1 inches, for devices with larger screens, the choice falls exclusively on the new Microsoft software. The products of the border, to close the circle, are those based on Windows RT (Ativ Samsung, Asus Live Tab or Dell XPS 10, for example, all with 10.1-inch screen). Which on paper should cost “less” and to compete with the iPad, as well as Microsoft Surface.

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