Ubuntu jumps to conquer the mobile world

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Ubuntu has announced its first mobile operating system and will present at the upcoming CES. Ubuntu for phones enter the market to overshadow the four major industry leaders Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry, and also have to compete with the upcoming Firefox OS.

After a countdown that began last Wednesday, this morning the Canonical team have stated that their first mobile software is ready for presentation at CES. This international exhibition of electronics will be held from 8 to 11 January in Las Vegas.

The operating system will have a very similar interface to the one with the current operating system Ubuntu PC. With orange tones and menus, the mobile operating system to optimize Ubuntu born on touch screens.

“Our goal is to do something extraordinary that has not existed before: a platform for all kinds of navigation, phone, ‘tablet, computer, television and the cloud,” said the founder of Canonical, Mark Shuttleworth, in his video presentation published on the web.

But after the performance of Ubuntu Mobile at CES begins the hard way for Canonical. The company will have to create an appropriate ecosystem of applications available for your operating system output has already saturated market.

Its main advantage is that part of an open source platform based on Linux , a fact that greatly facilitate investment by developers. For this reason, Ubuntu could be the main competitor of Android, which is also based on Linux.


In a video presentation, Canonical has shown the final images of its mobile operating system. The design of its interface is quite similar to that which has its PC software, and their goal is to maintain an aesthetic for different screens.

The main screen will resemble the desktop with sidebars that appear and disappear when they clicked. They display the most popular applications and direct access to the rest.

The screens slide from left to right or top to bottom. A special feature is that integrates a search bar that accesses both the phone and the web.

In terms of applications, Ubuntu has stated that use some web applications besides theirs. His first version of the software will include Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and Gmail.

Ads like this are reminiscent of the mobile industry ecosystem that exists beyond the popular iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. Canonical will present at CES and its mobile OS with Ubuntu first devices will be marketed in 2014 . For now, it is unknown who the manufacturer of the first models of Ubuntu.

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