U-turn: Intel boasts Windows 8

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Intel has a report from Bloomberg relative position, which CEO Paul Otellini had described Windows 8 as incomplete. In a press release praising the chipmaker down the operating system and quoted his boss as saying. “Windows 8 is the best thing that ever happened to Intel” The report is called Intel “unfounded”.

Intel’s opinion, however, leaves some questions.Among others, the statement quoted by Bloomberg Otellinis is not contradicted. Instead, Intel is primarily a to working with Microsoft and in the development of Windows 8 has flown work.

“Have Intel, Microsoft and our partners in tests and examinations worked closely together to ensure that the nearly 200 Intel-based designs, which will be available from October available to provide a quality experience,” writes Intel. Windows 8 brings the touch screen interface to the mass market. It is also for Ultrabooks, tablets and hybrid notebook is very important.

The lack of a clear denial from Intel may be a sign that the long-standing partnership between Microsoft and the chip giant is showing cracks. A trigger for this could have been Microsoft’s announcement that Windows 8 for the first time to bring a version of its desktop operating system for ARM processors on the market.

CPUs based on designs of the British company, are not manufactured by Intel, but from competitors such as Qualcomm, Nvidia and Texas Instruments. They are also usually much more energy efficient than Intel processors, so as to drive nearly all mobile devices, including Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

Windows 8 should be successful, and Intel will benefit from it – especially since the operating system can help the chip maker to break into the major tablet market. Intel operates by its own account with its partners in 20 tablet models with Windows 8 For now, the company has announced an event to showcase along with Samsung and HP, some of these devices to the public.

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