U.S. recommends removing Java browsers

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The Ministry of National Security of the United States has warned that the measures taken by Oracle to fix program bugs Java for browsers are insufficient and recommends disabling, as reported Monday on its website .


The software maker, which inherited to buy Sun Microsystems Java, Java issued an update on Sunday, just days after the government issued a first warning about the program, warning that her holes were being exploited to commit identity theft computers and other crimes.

Security experts have warned that the PCs running Java in their browsers could be attacked by criminals looking to steal credit card numbers, bank account details, passwords and commit other types of crime.

The Java software platform, created in the mid-90s, enables developers to write a set of computer code that runs on computers using Windows,Linux and Mac

Security experts say that errors affect only a part of the platform, which is connected to Internet browsers.

While some researchers have long complained that the software was defective, began generating greater public scrutiny last year after a security threat in August.

“Not that Java suddenly unsafe. Has been insecure for years,” said Charlie Miller, a computer engineer of Twitter, which has previously worked as a security consultant for other companies and as an analyst for the National Security Agency.

Java was responsible for 50% of all cyber attacks last year in which hackers broke into the computer, using the errors of software, according to Kaspersky Lab

Last week the Department of Homeland Security asked the public to stop using Java. To turn it off you have to go to Control Panel on your computer, open the Java icon and uncheck “Enable Java content in the browser.”

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