U.S. $ 15.3 billion per an iPhone 5

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A Chinese-born businessman owns a special version of Apple’s smartphone, made of diamonds and gold by a craftsman who had previously embedded English glamor to other apple products.



The eccentricity says this in the mobile industry, in a move that, ie is not unprecedented. Stuart Hughes, a craftsman based in Liverpool, England, is famous for his work on various Apple equipment signature: an iPad gold MacBook Air of Plantin and his latest creation, the iPhone 5 most expensive on the market.

His work on the smartphone Apple pure luxury prints to the terminal: 24 carat gold, 600 white diamonds on its case, another 53 forming the apple logo on the back of the computer, and a black diamond, as icing on the cake of no less than 26 karat acting as a home button at the bottom of the screen.

Far from being a mere product exhibition, the world’s most expensive iPhone, valued at $ 15.3 million, already has owner. This is a Chinese-born businessman, owner of that black diamond which, by itself, it takes much of the total contribution of the luxurious terminal. In this video you can see part of the process of manufacturing the iPhone 5 more expensive the world.

The work of Stuart Hughes is not the only of its kind. Among others, the Swiss company Gresso a specialist in providing glamor to various technological equipment. For instance, in 2011 presented a version of iPad, decked with aesthetics by African black woods, while the Apple icon was designed in 18 karat gold.

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