Two weeks with the new Wii U

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  • Its capabilities are similar to that of Sony and Microsoft consoles
  • Be the first with an eighth-generation console can be a problem
  • Convince buyers and developers is the great challenge

In 2006 Nintendo surprised all and sundry with the launch of the Wii, a console that stress away by its performance he did for the proposed type of games, which was both the most successful and the biggest problem is manufacturer facing now with the launch of its successor, the Wii U.

The Wii U , meanwhile, is the first Nintendo console to support HD graphics, and is the first , and so far only, console part of what is considered the eighth generation of these.

With Nintendo it seeks to attract all types of players, not just those seeking more or less simple games and play as a family, but also to those seeking more elaborate games, once the surprise effect of the Wii while it has disappeared .

This has given him the power and process graphic enough to move any current game, and although they have kept very much to give detailed technical specifications, placed side by side versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for PlayStation and for the Wii U indistinguishable from one another in terms of image quality or the fluidity of the game.

But it can also be a double-edged sword for Nintendo, since being the first console of that eighth generation may as Microsoft and Sony renew theirs, which is expected to happen by the end of 2013 the Wii U will again be a little tail in benefits.

This may not be reflected immediately in the availability of games, but within three or four years the editors of these could start leaving a little aside as a complicated tease out new versions of games for the Wii U if they are developed taking into consideration the benefits of more powerful consoles after having left the market and also in the beginning and have a significant user base with its previous models.

Furthermore assume that this increase in power the Wii U has no problem in moving the games Wii style, although in this Nintendo also faces a challenge.

Redefining Game

If in the case of its main feature Wii controls were and how easy they did manage, with the Wii U Nintendo has opted for the Wii U GamePad , a wireless controller that is a curious hybrid that combines a touchscreen of 6.2 inches and 854 × 480 dots resolution with a typical control game controller that can simultaneously function as the controls of the Wii, it is equipped with sensors to detect the position and movement.

The idea is that the built-in display can be used as a complement to the TV, to display additional information on the games and the advantage, or even as the main game, as if using the GamePad a portable console is involved, what often contribute to family peace since someone may be watching while someone else uses the Wii U with the GamePad and headphones.

In fact, considering that the GamePad includes sensors needed to use the Wii controls can even play with the Wii U and the controls from another room, while retaining the wireless connection between the console and gamepad.

What happens is that for now there are few games that really take advantage of the idea of using the gamepad as a complement to the action on the screen, except some of those created by Nintendo just to show what can be done, even including games designed only to be executed in the GamePad supposed they were going out.

Betting on the concept GamePad

In this sense, developers have to bet to the concept of GamePad to supplement their games, but to be something specific to the Wii U at first seems unlikely to invest too much effort into it, as it would require too many adjustments in games that might otherwise be available for other consoles without much alteration.

Incidentally, although GamePad screen looks pretty good, this is not high resolution, so considering that you play with her hands sometimes gives the impression that the image quality could be slightly better .

Another way in which Nintendo is expected to GamePad is used by developers to create games in which the game is asymmetric, so that one player handles the console with the GamePad and the others support or compete with him using traditional Wii controls, which are compatible with the Wii U.

Of course this means that buyers who do not have a Wii at home and will be added to the purchase price of the Wii U on the odd WiiMote , even so, a player who will go over the games ‘serious’ probably also end up buying a Wii U Controller Pro , a control over the use with joysticks, multiple buttons, etc..

It is also more than likely that any buyer of the Wii U ends up buying some Wiimote to play games like the Wii and that’s why the GamePad is simply too cumbersome.

In search of a hole

After using it for a couple of weeks, and regardless of whether there is still something to polish in the operation of their menus, which is sometimes slower than desirable despite having applied all updates available online and from March 2013 and will come factory installed, it seems clear that the Wii U might currently occupy the only console next to the TV.

On the one hand, can play Wii-style, with the vast majority of which is in fact compatible games, so it covers the gap of those who want to play in a group or family games that do not require a large investment of time to start enjoying them.

Furthermore, the performance is enough to be a game console “serious”, the kind of which only had versions for Wii for its lack of power.

It is also designed, provided that these are available in the country in which it is installed, to provide access to services like Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, and YouTube, but not to play DVDs or Blu-ray , and your reader is not compatible with these discs, and also incorporates a reasonably competent web browser.

But after visiting a few shops in which there seem to be availability problems, it seems that not having the runaway sales success of the Wii at launch, which made it virtually impossible to obtain one during that period and that allowed Nintendo achieve record profit figures along with the DS.

The Wii U is the option to consider

Thus, it seems clear that for someone who has already invested in games and accessories for the Wii Wii U is the option to consider when renewing the console if you want to retain the ability to keep playing the same game as before.

But this is a conditional Nintendo will probably lose some users who are considering updating your console and look for something more powerful and more of “gamers” since the Wii U is a radical change in the concept of game console that is associated with Nintendo, who will also have a complicated third-party console is raised to buy a Wii U.

Just to convince buyers and developers is where Nintendo will struggle for the Wii U root, and is a little snake biting its tail, because without buyers is virtually impossible for developers to commit to the platform, and without developers to make games interesting is practically impossible to attract buyers .

The big question is whether in the year and a little over the single will be on the market as the first eighth generation Nintendo console will be able to do this, you are missing a title breaker that is available only for Wii U either the quality of the game itself or because it demonstrates the technical superiority of the console, if only for a while, and used to pull sales.

At first the task seems difficult, but we must not forget that when Nintendo introduced the Wii, which also was a radical idea at the time, virtually no one was able to predict the success.

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