Two screens for a device: Meet the new ASUS

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The Taiwanese firm has a screen ultrabook front and the back that serves as a laptop and it also works as a tablet. Runs with Windows 8.

ASUS Will Fashion impose computers dual screen ? ‘s degree received by the market will be parameter for the passage of these ultrabooks that make standing in a particular segment must mention: traditionally, have a screen to also have front and one at the rear.



The new model extends the family 31 Taichi, which already has a member (Taichi 21) which was released in October 2012. Taichi 31 dual screen features a 13.3-inch Full HD. When the lid is closed, it works as a multitouch tablet. Open displays use different alternatives: a traditional notebook (includes a touch pad gesture support for Windows 8, the operating system), it is also possible to activate the so-called” mirror” mode which allows you to display content on the screen ass, really useful for presentations. In this video for the Model 21 , you can see how this modality. 

As indicated, runs Windows 8 , will hand power of Intel Core i5 or i7, adds Bluetooth 4.0, three USB ports, 5MP camera, promises sound quality and more than seven hours of battery life for your battery. The finished its black colored casing exhibits a mirror. It indicate that the dual screen Taichi 31 supports 178-degree spins.

Beyond the accolades for this ASUS product family, its dissemination in the market is not yet powerful enough to to talk about a new trend in the segment. Perhaps yes, a pretty interesting implementation: two screens on one computer.

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