Twitter worth 8,300 million euros and prepares its IPO in 2014

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Like Facebook or Zynga, the microblogging network Twitter also wants to start his career in exchange. But while the Twitter team makes this decision, an analyst firm specializing in network Bolsa valued at 11,000 million dollars ( 8.342 million euros ).

The firm specializes in valuing companies before their IPO (Initial Public Offering), Greencrest Capital, says that Twitter will prepare for this year 2013 its stock market debut tofinally arrive in 2014 , as recorded by the magazine ‘ Forbes ‘.

However, these are not the only reasons pointing Greencrest as explanation for this high valuation.The researcher points out some of the recent additions to the team of the social network as possible causes. Among these are the hiring of a former employee of Zynga Mike Gupta as new CFO and also incorporatingMike Davidson , founder, as vice president of design.

The approximation of the value of Twitter can be established through their actions in the online trade in secondary markets though, as senior analyst Greencrest, Max Wolff, “use the secondary market actions to mark the value of the company is a very difficult and opaque. “

Despite all these assessments and rumors, the creator of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, has said that the IPO is not the primary objective of the company and will “when we are ready.” This past October, sources within the social network said that its IPO would be delayed until 2014 by the ” fiasco “that took Facebook by this action.

“Twitter has grown since the IPO of Facebook and is valued at 11,000 million. This makes sense since the growth of users and new monetization models are bearing fruit and point to a good 2013 for Twitter , “said Wolff.

The valuation of Twitter has changed in recent years. In July 2011, its value was set at 8,000 million dollars (6.1 million euros), compared with seven months earlier valuation in 3.7 billion dollars (2.8 billion euros).

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