Twitter will incorporate filters like Instagram in your photos

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What we like a filter. Especially the more vintage. Blurred shapes and saturated colors of the images got on internet to make them look old photographs, conceal blemishes, enhance feelings and turn a snapshot into a portrait soda even nostalgic, with a certain charm. Most affectionately we thank them Instagram , the photo application filter of choice for iPhone and Android . Since its logo-a simple camera unveiled its old-key, so retro, so excited condition that his followers that social network soon became one of the most popular currently integrating with Facebook and Twitter . We shoot with the camera in our smartphone, we played around with the Instagram filters until we decide what we like, we put a title or comment to the picture and choose between publishing in the social network Zuckerberg or the blue bird. Or both. A process in which Twitter, ambitious, has decided to skip the middleman and incorporate directly applying filters to manipulate your photos.

As per the sources said this week, Twitter is working on updating their applications to phones and tablets to include, in the coming months, filters that allow users to apply different effects to your photos. The social network of 140 characters, however, has not acted by the time this potential strategy to dodge Instagram, Facebook acquired the company last April, and gain a niche market, mostly dominated by users young.

But this is not the only change he plans Twitter. While not as aggressive as Facebook, whose users never cease to regret the continuous changes in the appearance and performance of the most popular social network-currently, the site of the bird also has been changing its appearance and its services. An example is the subtle change in their logo, the possibility of putting a cover photo-profiles in addition to the personal avatar-or the ability to see “summaries” of the tweets, which extend the idea to launch in 140 characters displaying news or videos. Now, specialized portals like The Next Web reveal that Twitter will replace the button “Favourite” with “Likes.” The social network and shuffled other names for this option, indicating satisfaction or support for a comment-as a “star” or “Thank you.”

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