Twitter verification bends to avoid most fake accounts

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Twitter has begun to implement a dual system of account verification to prevent impersonation frequent, mainly media as Financial Times or the Associated Press, who spread a false attack on Obama.

Twitter Verification

Twitter Verification

The site, which transmits about 400 billion messages per day, announced Wednesday that it had begun the deployment of an optional service check to prevent hackers hijack accounts with passwords stolen.

Twitter has been criticized in the past year for not offering this dual option, amid a wave of violations of high-profile accounts. That criticism intensified in April after a tweet fake an attack on the White House from the Associated Press account.

“It took a lot,” has been claimed Jeremiah Grossman, CTO of White Hat Security. “It will not solve the whole problem, but it is a step in the right direction.”

When you log in to Twitter through a browser, you have to confirm the identity by entering a six-digit code that sends Twitter to smartphone. To access the service through applications for PCs and smartphones, users must use A temporary password automatically generated for each of the programs.

The approach is similar to the security tools previously introduced by other Internet services such as Facebook, Google or Microsoft.

“The system in place now would have hindered the hacking AP’s account, “said Jeffrey Carr, CEO of cybersecurity firm Taia Global. , however, warns that if hackers come into corporate accounts will still be able to do if they take control of computers or smartphones that run applications authorized to use the service. “The system of two-factor authentication is not perfect,” Carr said “If you are the domain of the machine is useless.”

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