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  • A new button deploys a window in which you can enter the email address of where to send the tweets.
  • It is not necessary that the recipient user of Twitter.
  • It could be done from the web or mobile devices.
The social network Twitter is finalizing a new option in their service, and visible for some users, who will share tweets via email . A new button deploys a window to enter the address of where to send the tweets and even comment on them. It can be done from the web or on mobile devices and in the latter case is not associated with the mail application and operating system now.
Twitter looking for new options to provide users with the dissemination of content generated in the service and in the process try to generate more traffic . Since the communication network explained that sometimes users want to share certain tweets contacts and thought that email can be a great tool for this.

The great advantage of email is that  it is not necessary that the recipient was Twitter user  to view the contents, plus a service that is widespread and that most Internet users already have. So Twitter has designed a new option that allows sending tweets to email addresses directly from the service of the communication network, without having to open another application for it.

This news is implemented via a button next to the classic options, “reply”, “retweet” and “Favorite” that are in each message. In this case, the option of emailing is in the “More” button , which allows you to display a screen where you see a place to enter the destination address and a space to insert a message that may accompany the selected tweet.

The contacts receive an email from Twitter reporting that a service user wants to share with them some tweet, presenting the content in question. This is a good way to increase and facilitate sharing options and a system to try those who do not have Twitter end up going into the service.

Since the company have confirmed that they intend to go progressively introducing this innovation in the coming weeks, so that users encountering this possibility will slowly.

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