Twitter tightens security after several problems with media accounts

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After the ‘occupation’ unauthorized Twitter accounts of several media, with such spectacular effects as sudden movements on the stock exchange, the company ‘microblogging’ has released new security measures that will allow users to subscribe to them establish a checking system before connecting .



This is a “second check to make sure you are who you say,” the popular services its user. ” It takes an e-mail address and a valid phone number . After a quick test to see if your phone can receive messages from Twitter, you can start, “said Jim O’Leary, Head of Product Safety Twitter in a post .

Thus, just as some banks ‘online’ and other companies that handle sensitive customer data on the Internet, through this security system sends a text message on the phone of the subscriber with a security code to enter the account in question, besides the traditional password.

“Of course, even with this security option enabled, it is important that customers use a secure password and follow the rest of our recommendations so that your account remains secure , “said O’Leary.

Some experts praise this new verification system, but “it depends how you display Twitter”, as pointed out by James Gabberty, professor of Information Systems at Pace University.

The use of an alternative device to generate the second key, like a mobile phone in this case, is “generally very safe,” observes Gabberty. But he argues that it is better even than the phone operator and Internet service provider depends on two different companies, with different “architectures” . “If it’s two different companies is very safe as it offers the maximum guarantee that the received message has not been compromised,” the expert adds.

Gabberty notes that Twitter has other security issues , such as the one related to password changes regularly. “For my part, I stay away from Twitter because this system is so insecure … It can still be ‘hacked'” said Gabberty.


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