Twitter restricts the use of its API and angry developers

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Twitter has announced major changes to the service API . The company intends to limit the use of its contents in other services andrequire permission for using their API to developers who exceed 100,000 users . The changes anticipated by Twitter have generated protests among developers.

The Twitter API allows service access content from other applications and this has been one of the keys to its growth. Currently a large number of apps and web servicesthat use the Twitter API so that users can interact with the network of microblogging in different ways.

   Some of these apps have become reference services, thanks in part to the use of Twitter in your service and wants to regulate microblog network. However, this possibility has also facilitated the growth of the microblog network , although it seems that Twitter is now considered strong enough to control what is done and not done with their ‘tweets’.

   Twitter says its goal is to design rules that allow services to ensure unanimity of accessing their content . In this way, the company has announced that version 1.1 of the API will introduce important changes aimed at allowing more control to ensure that experience general.

   The most striking novelty of Twitter is announced by the requirement to obtain a permit to use the API in applications or services in excess of 100,000 users. In this way, developers premiere services and exceed that figure, will have to go Twitter to seek authorization to continue using its API. The measure also applies to existing apps and services already using the API, which will have to ask permission to see the number of users increased by 200%.

   Another novelty is that Twitter announced by developers whose applications or services reach a large number of users will have to work directly with Twitter. The company does not want brokers and creators want the success of service come to your organization directly to discuss uses and developments in services related to the Twitter API.

   Besides these two new standards, Twitter has also limited the ability to display their contents in other services. The company claims that its image is respected and that the action buttons of their content (response ‘retuit’ among others) are maintained.

   Along with this measure, Twitter intended to limit the use of groups of ‘tweets’ in services that are not yours and eliminate the ability to display only part of the ‘tweets’ independently, such as photos. Similarly, you can not mix with other Twitter content from other social networks.

   The list of updates also includes a greater control over authentication processes in the use of the API and technical issues related to the speed and number of requests allowed.

   According to the company, version 1.1 of its API will be launched shortly with these developments. Developers will have a term of 6 months to adapt their content and services to this new API, so respect the rules imposed. Twitter could otherwise withdraw their permission to use the API, cutting access to user-generated content and interaction with your network.


The new rules of the Twitter API makes use of its contents and access to its service through other more complicated and controlled.Therefore, developers have been quick to stand against this new measure, claiming that Twitter tries to control other services and avoid competition.

   One who has analyzed the new Twitter API has been the founder of Instapaper, Marco Arment. In his blog, Arment has broken some of the aspects of the new policy that you think are most damaging to developers.

   For example, the founder of Instapaper has criticized the strict rules on the use of parts of the ‘tweets’ of service. In this sense, Arment stressed that services offered by the images individually Twitter will be severely affected by this new restriction.

   Another aspect criticized by Arment is where Twitter prohibits mixing their contents with other social networks . Apparently, this possibility would have resulted in disputes with LinkedIn and Flipboard that offers that particular service.

   A new feature that has criticized the founder of Instapaper is the requirement that developers of apps or services successfully work directly with the network of microblogs. According to Marco Arment, this is a way for Twitter to control anyone who may be competition for service, a way to cut creativity .

   “Once you are old enough to realize, we will require that you adhere tostricter rules and published to ensure they do not compete with us or you are using too our network, “Arment has written a” translation “particular meaning of the policy of using the Twitter API.

   Similarly, the founder of Instapaper has criticized the need to request permission to Twitter after passing a certain volume of users. In addition, as Arment, parts of developments expressed in a vague way with the aim that Twitter may surprise even harsher conditions.

   The position of the founder of Instapaper seems to be shared by other developers, who have welcomed the measure of the company.

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