Twitter notified by mail “people you may know”

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Twitter joins the “People you may know” that other social networks like Facebook have long been offering its users. In this case the ‘twitterers’ suggestions will receive in your email account, where they appear possible friends and coworkers or class.

   The microblog network currently offers users suggestions of people to follow on the tab of interactions identified with an @.Now take a step further with a more personal email information , which joins other relevant information as ‘tweets’ or new followers.

   From his blog , the network announced Tuesday the new Twitter update that will offer “a more personal way to discover essential information.” Users will receive weekly tips directly contact the email account with which you registered.

   As in other social networks, users will be the ones to decide who of suggested contacts begin to follow. Twitter will build new contacts to suggest to the user in its own activity .

   In Blog Twitter set the example: ” If you know several people who follow the same persons, you can also knowand want to follow them too. No one knows who you might meet on Twitter, so open this weekly message (to come) with a continuous source of large accounts to follow. “

   Of all, will the user who choose whether or not to receive such emails from Twitter. Since the contact tips can be configured in the settings of your Twitter account on email notifications.

   In paragraph Updates Twitter is where you can select or deselect the option to ” suggestions for people who may know on Twitter “, as well as those of: product news and feature updates from Twitter, tips for getting the most out of Twitter, things that I’m missing in Twitter, Twitter news products partners and other third-party services, and participation in research surveys Twitter.

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