Twitter limits the use of its API

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Changes in the next API (Application Programming Interfaces, in free translation) Twitter should restrict consumer-focused applications and those designed to encourage companies, according to information from the company’s blog, released on Thursday .

Version 1.1 of the Twitter API is provided for the “coming weeks,” wrote Michael Sippey, product manager for social networking. Developers will have six months to migrate their applications to the new API, said.

The technical changes will be made with the intention of increasing the number of applications focused on managing customer relationships, integration of media, in social analysis and ranking of social influence.

“About eighteen months ago we gave guidance to developers so they do not create applications for clients to imitate or reproduce the main consumer experience with Twitter itself,” wrote Sippey, citing applications as Tweetbot, TweetDeck, and Storify

Among the changes are significant limits on how many tokens to ensure the Twitter applications for apps that extract data from users. The social network will enable applications to double count their tokens. After that, developers will no longer be able to add users without the permission of Twitter.

Developers creating new applications, which require access to information such as timelines and account settings, and expect to have more than 100,000 tokens will have to seek approval to Twitter too. Even for large user bases, such as those with more than one million tokens, “we require you to work directly with us,” wrote Sippey.

“One of the main things we learned over the past few years is that when developers start to require an increased volume of API requests, we can guide them towards areas that have value for users and businesses,” wrote Sippey .

Interested in creating a more consistent user experience, social network will also impose new “requirements” view. These requirements include properly tweets based on the device where the application is used, with actions such as ‘answer’, ‘retweet’ and ‘favorite’ @ usernames and linking the appropriate profile.

The announcement has caused some anxiety in those who have Twitter integrated with applications.

“Twitter has left a lot of vague rules,” wrote Marco Arment, Instapaper’s – an application that saves web pages to be read at another time – in your blog . “In fact, Twitter can decide whether your application is breaking a rule (potentially vague) at any time, or they can add a new rule at any time, under which your app inadvertently break and revoke your access to the API. “

“Of course, they always had that power,” wrote Arment. “But now we know that they will use it in ways that we really do not agree.”

Sippey wrote that the social network wants to encourage applications for business, citing the Crimson Hexagon, which creates reports from Twitter for marketing purposes; Topsy, a platform for news analysis, and DataMinr, which provides analysis of Twitter for the sector Financial.

“We have seen tremendous innovation in applications and services that meet the business market with products based on content analysis of Twitter,” wrote Sippey.

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