Twitter launched a tool that will allow users to download all your ‘tweets’

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  • The tweeters can download a file with all your messages.
  • In no case can download the tweets of other users.
  • No date for the launch of the new tool.

Dick Costolo, chief executive of Twitter, announced that the company will attend one of the most repeated requests by users of the popular microblogging network: allow the tweeters can download all your tweets, from first to last.

We are working on a tool that allows users to export all your tweets. be able to download all of them “ , revealed to the blog Costolo Bits, the newspaper The New York Times.

So far, the only way to access old tweets are, as mentioned TreceBits blog , go to court , an arduous task in the European Union, where the law requires companies to provide users with a history of their data, but much more in the U.S., where such rules do not apply.

The process to create this functionality is not easy. “There are two different problems related to the searches. Have to change the architecture of the search and make it through the temporary file.not enough to put three engineers to do it, “ said the manager.

The tool will download a file with all the tweets themselves, but in no case can download the history of tweets from other users. It is unclear when available.

 Other platforms like Facebook or Google + More recently, already offer the ability to access profile information and download 

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