Twitter is working on a native application for Windows 8

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Currently, the platform has an official app for Android, iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Twitter has announced that it is working on a native application for the new Microsoft OS, Windows 8. Twitter Mobile  has indicated that the new application will arrive in the coming months.

“Windows 8 takes a great Twitter app. So we are building “ , announced on Tuesday by one of his official accounts. Currently, the platform has an official app for Android, iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Chances are that the new Twitter app for Windows 8 includes among its features expandable tweets that let you preview the contents of links and images. The question for now is whether Twitter design will special application for the new interface of Windows 8 or you will be a conventional desktop application.

So far Twitter has followed a similar design in their applications for Android and iOS , showing the ‘tweets’ and other contents of the platform based on the look of your website.

This past August, Twitter announced major changes to the API service.The company took measures to restrict the development of third-services clients like Hootsuite or TweetDec k-in order to better control the way users access Twitter.

When  announced the change of the conditions of access to its API, many developers complained that sought to control Twitter and their competitors. With this announcement, Twitter returns to bet on the development of native applications for different desktop platforms.

If the new application is as “big” as the network has announced, it is likely that in the coming months, users can enjoy a different design. A Twitter client tailored to the particular interface of Windows 8, where all applications are constantly moving and updating.


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