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Notice to developers: restrictions are brought with the release of the API 1.1 Twitter. Third-party applications that surf on the success of social network without adding value are discarded.

Gradually, but tangibly, Twitter prefers to rely on its internal resources and closes part of its ecosystem developers third.Since September 5 and the publication of a new API , more restrictive rules are still erected.Potential offenders have until March 5, 2013 and to align these new “guidelines”, ie best practices that govern the use and implementation of said Application Programming Interface.

In the first place, anoymat is no longer allowed. Initially, access to Twitter data was done without authentication, thanks to RSS feeds. Version 1.1 eliminates this freedom: it requires systematic recording.Moreover, the abuse caused by certain applications multiplied query servers to the point of Twitter overload led to the introduction of more stringent conditions of exploitation of API (the volume of requests has been changed).

As for the “display guidelines” governing the display of messages, they become ‘display requirements “.In this regard, we must now comply strictly speaking all these rules that define the graphical layout elements, avatars for nicknames.Similarly, if a developer over a million users for its applications, it will work directly with Twitter: a way for the site to keep under his potential competitors.

Finally, developers who access the timeline, accounts, messaging, or using the product User Streams of Twitter to power a micro-blogging client base, must approach the social network to more than 100 000 users.The machine is switched on in June . Twitter chose to play transparency by releasing bits of its API 1.1.

But now he wants to limit the number of third-party applications around its microblogging platform and eject those who do not bring real added value.

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