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Twitter has updated the Windows Phone application to have something left after compared to iOS and Android applications, where updates are relatively frequent.Thus, the Windows Phone app is compared to the competition both in appearance and management options.


The fundamental change is obvious. The four tabs that appear in other operating systems are finally here. Home to view the tweets of people you follow; Connect is related to your references and can see who has retweeted a tweet yours or who favorited. Discover is dedicated to trends ( trending topic ) and see different categories, find friends, etc., and finally, has to read and reply to messages, view lists, favorites, etc..



In this new version you can search from any part of the application due to the lower bar. Along the seeker is a button that allows you to write directly to a tweet .

What is a strength of this application is that the desktop dock allows the mobile device to a contact. The new application has better performance and operation than the previous version, which users of this application to the operating system came waiting a while.

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