Twitter experienced overload problems

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The network of ‘microblogging’ par excellence is experiencing connection problems on the afternoon of Thursday 31 January. Twitter has not officially informed of the causes of this decline.

A few minutes after 16:00 am on Thursday, January 31, the website Twitter has begun to show his famous screen with a whale being transported by birds.

Since Twitter have confirmed the occurrence of curiosity, and this message with the whale, at certain times, the network of ‘microblogging’ has been showing  another image less common  in reporting a technical error.

The network reports that Twitter is overloaded via the web. Also, the official implementation of the platform also having problems to upload and send new ‘tweets’.

Since Twitter have confirmed the incident. Through its Twitter Status website, the company has acknowledged that some users are experiencing problems accessing the service. The company’s engineers are already working to fix the problems.

Although Twitter has not reported a case officially, the overhead could be due to the great activity that has experienced this day after the publication of The Country regarding the alleged payment of bonuses to senior undeclared PP.

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