Twitter delays its IPO

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Seeing how Facebook has gone after its IPO in Twitter have decided to think twice before opening in the floor Yorker.

The microblogging network delay its IPO, at least up to 201 4. So says the New York Times in print, citing sources close to the company, which says it has slowed the preparation of documentation to go public.

For now, Twitter will focus on profitability. The monetization of the service is something that is not yet well defined, by many promotional products (Promoted Tweets, Promoted Trends …) have been launched in recent months, and is what worries Policy microblogging network. While fail to have a clear business model and cost, dismiss the IPO.

Twitter does not want to follow in the footsteps of Facebook, whose shares have fallen 45% since its IPO – no other technology companies like Zynga (the game developer as popular as FarmVille and CityVille) that despite having more than a premiere positive on the floor now takes months with extremely negative and significant loss of shareholder value.

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