Twitter co-founders created two social networks

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Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone have created two websites that inherited the idea of sharing established by the most successful social network information, with permission from Facebook.Through The Obvious Corporation, the organization that sponsored the microblogging platform, entrepreneurs just light Medium and Branch in an attempt to enrich the revolutionary essence of publishing in 140 characters.

This, they reason themselves, a natural evolution of communication and Internet publishing, of which Williams, of course, pioneered in 1999 by creating Blogger , a major tool for developing blogs. “Some things have not evolved as much as we expected (…) has been less progress in improving the quality of what is produced on the web,” says Williams. Add that have started from scratch to “reimagine the publication process” based on what they have learned in the last 13 years “and the needs of today’s world.”

I was there. I liked it. One theme of Medium.

Medium was officially born on Tuesday with an attractive design. Is to contribute to matters that have uploaded other Internet or create (with text or photos) to revolve around certain themes. For now, as Williamsexplained in a document to launch the plataforna, only accessible by invitation. Ensures that participation is extremely easy. There are topicsand others closed. The popularity of the Internet to generate input decides the place more or less prominent on standing.

Branch from Branch on Vimeo.

Branch, which debuted on August 13 and, similarly, you can experiment with invitation, aims to promote dialogue on the Web, since, as explained by the creators, “including articles, posts and tweets, the Internet is dominated by monologues” . The platform (which, from his Twitter account , is answering those who wish to participate) you can choose which topic to talk and conversation included in the content of other websites. Discussions are underway on  the rap, travel ideas and U.S. elections.

The creators of Twitter appear restless. After the success of the transformer and global microblogging platform, with 500 million users currently have not stopped. The Obvious Corporation is working on several side projects more as Lift , an application to achieve goals, about to launch, or Neighborland, for promote facilities in neighborhoods.

Also, the colleague of Williams and Stone, Jack Dorsey, the other deTwitter soul, continues to innovate. He has invented Square, a form of credit card payment via mobile.

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