Twitter announces changes to its search engine

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Tool will have features such as auto, suggestion related topics and search filters for only the user profiles that already follows.

Twitter announced that it will improve your search functionality on your site with a feature that automatically completes the content entered by users and suggests related search terms, according to a post made on Friday (6) the company blog . 

“These updates will become even easier to find things you like best,” said the microblogging service. The tool has an auto drop-dow with suggestions that appear while you are typing in your search. From there you can select an option and be redirected to the appropriate page of results. Twitter says that the action is “especially useful if you are trying to follow the hashtag for an event, for example.” 

Users can also enjoy the option to limit search results for tweets of profiles that already follow – in other words, you can search your own feed, with the messages posted by people who have normally appear in the timeline, instead of seeking information on the entire site. 

This function can also return search results with the actual name of the person, including tweets that are related by the username. That is, a search for Megan Rapinoe, footballer of the U.S. Olympic team, also returns tweets mentioning your username, mPinoe. 

These tools will be available on site service as well as the Twitter applications for iPhone and Android. Twitter, however, has not said when the changes will be released to all users. 

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