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The network Twitter has expanded the option to download a file with all the ‘tweets’ which has published a user into other languages, including Spanish so far this option was only available in English.



We publish many ‘tweets’ that is impossible to remember when we said. So Twitter announced in December last year that would give the option to download a file with all the ‘tweets’ and ‘retweets’ account.

At first it was just that option in the English version, but on Monday posted a tweet Twitter explaining that service has expanded to thirteen languages ​​. These languages ​​like Hindi, Farsi, French, Hebrew, German, Spanish, Dutch, Malay, Norwegian, Finnish, Hungarian and Polish.

According to the Twitter blog , you can perform a search from the tweets to find a particular tweet from a keyword , phrase,hashtag or a user name. These tweets appear in the file sorted by months.

To download the file you have to enter the settings tab of the profile of the account and at the very end you will see a button to request the file. After Twitter send an email to the email account with a link from which to download a. Zip file containing all ‘tweets’ in HTML.


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