Twitter and Google Talk will ‘fall’ for several hours

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Twitter service has been restored gradually after the incidents that have resulted in over an hour was out of service for users around the world.

The social network reported problems at about six o’clock. The users suffered cuts and others saw as it was impossible to access the service. In fact, confirmed via Twitter page Twitter Status that there had been problems and that its engineers were already reviewing all its systems.

A month ago, on June 21, Twitter suffered a similar cut, the company quickly rectified. However, the fact of having a new episode after only a month has caused the incidence has been followed and criticized.

After the fall of Google Talk

The communication policy of Twitter has been different from that of Google, which has had problems with Google Talk. The search engine company has made periodic parts of the state of the incidence, so that it has been possible to follow the progress of actions taken .

It was a difficult day for various Internet services . At noon, Google Talk, Google’s communications system, stopped working after unspecified issues. Five hours later resumed normal.

Google Talk began to suffer failures at noon, preventing users could access the application. Soon, Google confirmed the problem and announced that the service was not available worldwide .

The company itself has specified that the reliability of the system is “an absolute priority” and are making constant improvements to prevent such events as happened.

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