Twitter and Facebook offer targeted advertising

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Twitter allows advertisers in the future, targeted advertising to place according to the users’ interests. Until now it has been possible to make promotional tweets followers and they look similar users, which resulted in a commitment rate of 1 to 3 percent in campaigns with Promoted Tweets. Two new forms of interest-based advertising hopes Twitter to further improve these results even more.

On the one assigned to Twitter, its users over 350 different interests, which are categorized in two stages and by education about investment extend to football. Anyone who wants to apply, for example, a new animated film about dogs might select for animation (in film and TV), cartoons (under hobbies and interests) and dogs (under pets).

A more precise selection of users should be addressed with the requirement that the target group to have similar interests to the followers of a particular user.This is not simply a matter of addressing its own followers. Who wants details about the next tour is an indie band to the right audience can search for related musical taste by pretending the username similar bands.

According to Twitter, this “interest targeting” successfully tested for Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts with a select group of advertisers. Some increased their range significantly, found other creative ways to address a particularly careful selection of users. By the bank, they would have experienced high exposure rates, as they reached users who were interested in their content. In order to gain even more advertisers, Twitter also lowers the minimum bid of its auction-based advertising to 1 cent.

Also, Facebook has tried to introduce a new promotional offer aimed at increasing the conspicuous lack of revenue. From next week it will allow companies to address customers via his service again, having already used their services. The data synchronization is done via e-mail addresses, user IDs, and phone numbers.

As Inside Facebook noted the offer was already selectively tested and was available at short notice using the “power editor”. “Any personally identifiable information will be hashed before they are uploaded to Facebook,” it said so. Facebook assures also delete the data provided by the advertiser immediately again

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