Twitter and American Express launch joint trade

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Microblogging company Twitter and American Express payment system created a system of payment for purchases with the hashtag “Pay-by-Tweet”. 


Twitter does not expect to profit from the transfer of money, but expects growth in advertising. The creators of Twitter are going to attract more bloggers, who enjoy shopping on the microblogging. For purchases only need to tie a Twitter account to the card AmEx.Then, seeing the offer for sale of any product, leave a message with the hashtag of the desired product. In response, AmEx will ask user “Tweet” confirmation, and then formalize the sale and delivery. Initially selection of products in the joint project is small. Offered to buy an Xbox 360, jewelry Donna Karan, camcorder Sony Action, tablet Kindle Fire HD and discount cards AmEx.Xbox 360 is constantly improving, and now offers a freeboot xbox installation . With Freeboot the opportunity to run the game with virtually any media with connectivity via USB port.

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AmEx integration with Twitter – one of the greatest efforts to make sales on the Internet part of the social network. Up to this point, e-commerce promoted in social networks rather slowly. Retailers that use their accounts in Facebook for sales, are not very happy with the results. Despite that Facebook and other social media plan to promote e-commerce on their sites. 

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