Twitter allows Tweet streams on websites

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Twitter has a new option introduced to present the contents of its users to third-party sites.There are windows with a real-time stream that update in real time. the Twitter blog is already visible.


“Today we bring Twitter and the web closer together through real-time tools for website developers” developers Sylvain Carle writes in a blog entry. “With our new embedded timelines you can use any public timeline bring to your website to place your readers and your tweets and those of other Twitter users to connect. “

The user can specify the criteria themselves, which follows the stream. Within the embedded in the HTML code box allows Twitter enlarge it readers, photos and other media to subscribe to Twitter accounts to respond to tweets, to cite verbatim (“retweet”) or to mark them as favorites. Technically it is a realized with <script> JavaScript and not a <iframe> how it uses about YouTube – Twitter therefore chooses the better for security reasons, to be manipulated because of heavy solution.

“With a line of HTML, you can view all tweets of a user, your favorites, a list, a query or a # hashtag directly in your website,” Carle writes. “These new tools are designed specifically for the Web, they load quickly, adapt to your traffic if your readership increases, updated in real-time and work well in any browser – no matter whether old, modern or mobile.”

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