Twitter allows you to send direct photos through messages from iOS and Android

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The application of Twitter for iOS and Android devices has received a new update with significant improvements. The 6.0 version of the app allows users, including options, share with others through pictures called direct messages .Additionally, the computer network shown in this update microblog a new design and improved navigation through the application. It also allows you to receive push notifications of people chosen by the user and in the case of the app for iOS allows web save articles to read later with Safari Reading List . The Twitter version 6.0 is now available for download through the App Store and Google Play.

Twitter is one of today’s most successful social networks. The network of 140 characters allows users to not only communicate with users, main activity of all networks, but is also used by many as a source of information. The service has a web version and mobile version allowing to stay connected to the network from anywhere and at any time. Toimprove the user experience on Twitter , the team of this network has launched a microblog update app for mobile devices and even some of these developments can also be enjoyed from the web.

Twitter for iOS and Android is updated to version 6.0 with exciting new features for users. One of the most desired by users is the ability to send and receive pictures via direct messages on Twitter, the way to send private messages to other users on this network. In this way, users can send images to a particular user without making this public image and not have to use other means such as email or other instant messaging applications.

Another merit of this new version of Twitter is to incorporate timelines navigate among users, as well as columns in Explore, activity or direct messages themselves directly with a finger gesture , facilitating navigation from smartphones and tablets. This new version also has simplified the search for content across the network and lets you choose microblog view responses, retweets and list of people the user follows, as well as access to the tweets of people who the user is and are close to him at the time directly from search results.

Another interesting new features included in this new version of Twitter for now affects users of iOS. With this new update of iOS devices users can save web articles they find while surfing in the application to read later via the Safari Reading List. Thus, Twitter goes a step further and offers the same opportunities as other applications like Flipboard or Poket.

With this option, users will not have to copy and paste the link in a tweet to read it another time, it will be the app itself that allows do this step for users to have available at the time of their choice selected items. Along with these developments, the Twitter team has also introduced changes in the design of the application and improved navigation .This new version 6.0 of Twitter is now available for download through the shops App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android devices.

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