Twice the memory, 4G and NFC in iphone5

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The iPhone 5 will have 1 gigabyte of RAM, double the capacity of the iPhone 4SWill be compatible with cellular networks 4G LTE wireless and have NFC, which can be used for proximity payments. These statements, which not surprising, is the American site BGR , who claims to have confirmed the data with one of their secret sources of information.

The BGR also says that, contrary to some rumors, the manufacture of the iPhone 5 in quantity has not yet begun. The Apple would be in phase to produce prototypes for testing. But component manufacturers should already be making parts for the assembly of the smartphone. 

This information is confirmed by the news Digitimes, Taiwan, which says that there is no sign that the large-scale manufacturing go to start later this month. All evidence suggests that Foxconn will connect the machines on the production line on August 5 iPhone. 

The Digitimes notes that sales of current models of the iPhone should fall to the launch of the iPhone 5, since many consumers will wait for the release to switch smartphone. The prediction is that Apple selling between 20 and 25 million units in the third quarter. But the number may be substantially higher if the firm resolve to anticipate the launch in September, something that Wall unlikely.

In the NFC and 4G, iPhone 5 should have a larger screen and more elongated, with size around 4 inches. It is also expected that it will bring a new processor with four cores. In addition, there are rumors that have rear metal to replace the glass used on the iPhone 4 and 4S.

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