TVs capable of emitting odors closer

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A striking new technology and prepares to make the jump to television. A group of Japanese scientists prepared the first home screens capable of emitting odors to immerse the viewer with greater realism in the scenes you are watching.

Smelling Screen . This is called the prototype prepared from the University of Technology and Agriculture of Tokyo and trying to realize an old idea that seeks to add more realism to the TV. The particularity of the new technology passes offer the viewer get the smell of certain images from the exact point at which the screen is on. This system relies on four fans that come attached to the respective corners of the TV. These emanate vapors mix with the smell you want to go with the pictures and be projected towards the viewer. So far they have managed to move a scent for each corner of the screen while researchers are working with more cartridges that allow greater possibilities. Smelling Screen The first screen was shown a few days ago at a conference in Orlando, Florida, but implementation business still seems distant. In fact, as recognized Haruka Matsukura, project leader, your goal is not to throw in a first time home TVs, but would focus ons creens to display advertisements and give them a more striking and panel for museums in that better ambientaria visitors in the work you are observing. Though the idea is not new, scientists seem convinced to do it. Some while ago there was speculation about a similar technology focused on the movie screens to fully immerse the audience in the film. However, it is a double-edged sword . On one hand, can be very attractive when odor is pleasant, for example, of a fragrance . Furthermore, many doubt the need to contextualize other situations like a scene set in a toilet or when garbage on the screen. What do you think of this idea? Would demand TVs with this technology?


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