TV System Intel will record everything, all the time

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The so-called “unlimited power of the cloud” can be put to the test if the rumors about the new television service from Intel are true. According to resources, the system promises to use virtual storage to record all programming all the time, revolutionizing how content is available on demand. 

Intel TV System

                               Intel TV System

Thus, instead of having access to selected programs – as in Netflix, for example – you can watch all the programming when you want. Provided, of course, be within the limit of three days. The recording happens in a loop, with the old programs being deleted to make room for newer ones. Consequently, Intel promises to attack not only the market for set-top boxes, but also DVRs. The devices are very popular in the United States allow digital recording and programming of the programming that can be viewed later. The intention is really to change the habits of entertainment consumption.

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