TV Kindle could be Amazon TV

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Amazon would go to war for the screen, so it would be developing its own smart TV, internet connected system and Amazon Online.

Amazon TV

Amazon TV

Seek to launch their projects to a business that is very profitable doing it.

First Amazon, began by selling books online, then the distribution of these (besides the movies and discs). And your business is multiplied when your hardware implemented. Then their mobile devices that have become audience favorite at present, we are talking about the Kindle Fire Tablets .

Now that they are in the business of Tablets and eBooks, go for the other market, that is television.

The strategy is linked to Amazon, fill the contents with their own consoles connected to the Internet.Its main strength would be streaming movies, series and documentaries. Competition would Hulo, Xbox or Netflix, mainly.

Amazon developed its own system instead of buying an established incumbent. See the full post,Amazon may launch its own Smart TV .

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