Tricks to make your Smartphone secure

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With all the information we store most smartphone users on these devices, we expose ourselves to risks that, if not completely eradicate, either can be minimized greatly. To this end, we propose some very simple tips , which I was sure someone had escaped. In addition, more than one will also notice considerable battery savings.

The following safety tips that we will provide part of the user security depends obviously do not cover all aspects that have to do with the responsible use of new technologies, but it does cover the basics and fundamentals that will prevent more of a safety issue with our smartphone.



Always use a password.

One of the basic tools is to Protect your smartphone with a password so that the user has the power to protect the content inside of it, although it must be added, that in the case of Android, if you have enabled “USB Debugging” with minimal knowledge or even following a simple tutorial, you can skip our password. We recommend the 4-digit PIN or a password text, which can become even safer.

Enable the automatic lock.

If we have already done, it makes little sense that our smartphone does not automatically lock, since this only got to take anyone who can access, without encountering the PIN or password through. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use the automatic locking timer. For example, two minutes, and lock himself.

Installing applications from trusted sources.

Much of the malware that installs on Android devices does not come from applications of Google Play Store, but the installation of applications from other sources. However, even if we use only the Play Store, it is always advisable to avoid installing apps from sources that do not have references that can give us confidence.

Review the application permissions.

When an office application requires permission to send SMS … something smells. These things happen sometimes, so be careful with the permissions of certain applications, which can take you to pay bills completely away from uses that you’ve done.

Install a security suite.

As for antivirus computers exist in Android you can find lots of applications of this type. Each has its own characteristics, their prices … But the important thing is that they all lead to the same, to keep your smartphone protected from malware and other security problems.

Update your operating system.

Whatever your device operating system, it is always advisable to have installed the latest version. Whether Windows Phone, iOS, or Android, the latest updates should incorporate the latest security solutions, although we have seen that in some cases this is not true.

No access links are received via SMS and email.

Texting and email are optimal for media transmission links “evil”. You must not access links SMS and emails from people who do not know, because through these can get all kinds of information you have stored on the device.

Encrypt your smartphone.

Encrypt your device is always a good idea, so we avoid that our data could end up in the wrong hands. In case of theft, without knowing the decryption code, that you have the device in their hands can not access the stored content. Thus, we can use our smartphone safely and store data in it knowing that no one will want to access them.

Turn off WiFi and avoid connecting to open networks.

When we are connected to a private WiFi network, although we have no danger in the sense that they can know where to sail or extract data from your terminal, it does run the risk of being traced. In open networks, however, the danger is even greater, as our terminal and our stored data becomes even more vulnerable, so it is always advisable to avoid this type of WiFi networks.

Disable Bluetooth and NFC.

Although these two technologies are very useful, some users might try to connect to our devices through them. For this reason it is advisable to disable Bluetooth and NFC as long as you are not making use of it, and likewise deny any requests from an unknown device.

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