Transparent smartphone Prototype from Polytron technologies

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The network has more details on the exciting development of Taiwanese Polytron Technologies , which we have already mentioned in the news somehow. Recall, the company is preparing to leave in the current year is almost completely transparent smartphone.

Transparent Smartphone

First, resource published several photos of a prototype device. It is noted that this prototype is still at a stage of development, when the software on your phone is not yet launched, and its main purpose – to show the hardware and impress potential partners. As we see, in a transparent casing striking card, SIM-card will be located directly under it, to reduce the visual impact. Meal made from two small batteries.  At the top are the camera module, a speaker and a microphone.

In addition, Russia’s resource CNews, referring to the head of the company, said that the smartphone will be clear at the end of the year in several countries, and their number will Russia. The cost of the device, in this case, should be at the price of iPhone 5 . Representatives of retail chains, however, speak of the coming new product without much enthusiasm.According to a network “White Wind Digital”, they are planning to wait for the test sample, as long as the device in the picture looks “disgusting.” In Euroset too before making a decision on the sales going to “hold in your hands,” smartphone, and also point to a small chance of release gadget in Russia, if the company has no strategy for the conquest of the Russian market and plans to open a representative office.

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