TransOS: first cloud operating system

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Chinese researchers are creating the first operating system into the era of cloud computing.The proposal is that instead of having an operating system, each computer becomes a kind of dumb terminal, looking for everything you need to run in the cloud – not just files and programs, but also controls basic machine control. Yaoxue Zhang and Yuezhi Zhou, Tsinghua University, named its operating system based on cloud TransOS.

Hardware Independence

The idea is a radical departure from the current paradigm, in which developers seek to approach as much as possible the so-called “software adhering to the hardware”, so that the programs take full advantage of the machines that are running.

With a cloud-based operating system, the hardware would be irrelevant, and the computer would not need to keep in memory large parts of the operating system that are not being used.In this case, Windows, Linux, Apple OS, ChromeOS and other operating systems would run as “windows” TransOS.


The operating system code is stored on a server in the cloud, allowing connection of “terminal”.The concept terminal is common in environments of mainframes , where many machines without hardware resources when accessing the central computer.More recently, we tried to reinvent the concept with netbooks , which, in practice, only computers became smaller.

To connect to the cloud operating system, a netbook , or as may be called a dumb terminal – CloudBook , for example – need a minimum software to boot and connect to the network dynamically.The TransOS then sends you the code to give access to the options open to the user – which can be a Windows or Linux emulator.The programs are usually accessed by calling the TransOS only when necessary.

Operating system for refrigerators

Cloud applications have gained space, promising easier access applications and files that can be read from any computer with internet access.Another advantage is that the software can be kept updated without any user concern.

Chinese researchers argue that removing the entire operating system of the computer and take it to the cloud is the next logical step.

They also suggest that TransOS not be limited to personal computers, offering capabilities that can be accessed by mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones , and even household appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines.

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