The transformation from Fujifilm: the rolls of Ebola vaccine

Faced with the anxiety of a market, the photography, the ever changing digital technology, the Japanese company continues to explore on innovations in medicine


Companies are born, grow, reproduce. Many change their business strategy and, if we look at what we were engaged when they were founded, maybe we will be surprised of its evolution. Adapt or die, they say. You happen to Nintendo , a Japanese company that begandistributing cards and nineties became the largest entertainment company.

Technological advances change everything . It’s like a roller that sweeps through your step. We must be well aware of the changes in the industry to anticipate and adapt to new environments, a situation that is difficult to predict but, if so, it is possible that under the band of “pioneers” can build a new business.

Another Japanese company, Fujifilm has seen how digital technology transformed suddenly, in a few years the industry of photography. Yes, fewer film cameras are purchased. Although they offer a high quality, high performance, these photographic reels have perished under the ease and speed of the digital camera, more comfortable and accessible through the devices current phones called “smartphones”, incorporating (high-end models) sensations photographic sensors capable of taking pictures almost professionally on many occasions.

The commitment to the industry has enabled them to maintain their status and survival. In his catalog of digital cameras abound as the new XT-1, a beast with great acceleration and excellent display. Taking advantage of the crisis to other giant specializing in photography,Kodak has tried to devote great efforts to innovation against a business, photography, by residual.

And while the company is well known for the consumer sector, has several business legs, some as surprising as the field of health, where machines have monitors and monitoring and clinical analysis.

Now, in infected Frenzy Western countries like Spain cases, the Japanese firm has announced the increase of its influenza Avigan an experimental to treat Ebola virus treatment and has shown positive results in our country. It will increase the dose from November to the spread of the virus predicted by the World Health Organization.

Founded in 1934 as Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. -the Mount Fuji in Japan is an icon was born based on a government plan to establish a national manufacturing industry movies photo. The new company inherited this material operations arising from Dainippon Celluloid Company Limited. Back in the sixties, the company attempted to international deployment establishing an office in New York.

Example of it is, years after releasing their first film X-rays (1936), in 1983 announced the first set of diagnostic digital images of the world.The imaging system Fuji Computed Radiography (FCR) trendsetter in the world of digital images and is among the leaders of the global market system.

In the nineties he started his new crusade, the field of medicine, with the acquisition of 51% stake in Chiyoda Medical. The experience gained and lost interest in photography by consumers forced the company to seek new runway in a business, but not to the final consumer, has tried numerous advantages. In two thousand years and met his breakthrough occurred in this area , which has been constant. In 2005 we launched a research lab and a year later he acquired a medical imaging company intended to cardiology.

The company, which spends 7.9% of its revenue on R & D, has invested heavily in the health sector in its diversification strategy in recent years.His footsteps in the medical field have not ceased and the Japanese giant continued with the acquisition of a radiology information system, present in many health centers. Radiopharmaceuticals have allowed some patients diagnosed with cerebrovascular problems, and that’s where a decade have tried to offer solutions to detect early symptoms of the diseases of the brain and other organs.

Now it is expanding its activities in this area through Fujifilm RI Pharma Group after the acquisition in 2006 of a pioneer in the field of nuclear medicine: Daiichi Radioisotope Laboratories. The experience of over 70 years with collagen and antioxidants photographs have led the Japanese firm to launch in the last two years a line of high-end cosmetics. However, solutions have to perform medical diagnostics, X-ray scanners and innovation department have experienced with other cosmetics and skin care, while developing professional services in photography and image retouching and other industrial products.

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