How to transfer iPhone data to a mobile with Android

Google explains in a new guide to user custom steps for changing your mobile with your operating system


Internet has changed everything. For better or for worse. But thanks to a user of this mobile phone can go from one terminal to another and not lose any data, whether the phonebook, images or videos.

The task is easy and very comfortable. Google has published a guide to migrate the data stored on one device with iOS (iPhone) operating system directly to a terminal with Android. The steps are simple, in particular, is reduced to about four, which affects photos and music, and email messages, contacts and finally, applications .

Photos and music

Transfer the audiovisual material is simple. To do this, Google Plus is used from iTunes. Once this is done, we will have to make a backup of the files that are saved to the cloud. For storing music files, the user must install on your computer Google Play Music Manager, an application to synchronize data with the iTunes account, where dumps are all music files. That fast.

Moving contacts

Another aspect to consider is the synchronization of contacts. The goal is to store them in your Gmail account. If you are not registered for this service can do so by iCloud. This will require entering page and access the Apple ID from the Android phone. After completing this operation, the user must select and export all contacts as a vCard to your downloads folder to import then from Gmail contacts tab. Also, Gmail is able to remove duplicates that are already in memory contacts. Very useful.

Configure e

As may be obvious, it requires an email account. To do this, install the appropriate application (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo) in the Android device and login. Yes, Google recommends turning off Apple messaging service, iMessage, before removing the SIM.

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