Transcend USB 3.0 Hub with Fast Charging Port

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Ports USB 3.0 are not yet widely available on all machines. Moreover, even in the newer computers often few USB connectors 3.0. In fact, some models have only one, so sometimes fall short and need expand.So, it never hurts to get a USB 3.0 hub like this from Transcend . For little money, you can multiply by four devices can be connected. This Transcend product is a very light and compact , so there is no problem for use with laptops and even tablets. And it only weighs 44 grams and measures less than an inch thick. Never will detract more next to the pointer ultrabook.

It is USB 3.0 (specification Universal Serial Bus fastest to date) and provides data transfer rates up to ten times faster than the previous version. Anyway, this hub is also backward compatible with USB 2.0, so click it to older devices. Converts single-port USB 3.0 in four , almost instantly. So, there will always be a free connector to puncture the portable hard drive with which to perform the daily backup. It has a bright LED indicator that shows when a device is inserted into the hub.


You can feed directly through USB, for example, from the laptop, but burdening autonomy. Just in case, for when the user has a plug nearby, also comes equipped with a power adapter . In fact, the manufacturer recommends using the power adapter, as it provides a source of higher energy and more stable for USB devices. This hub Transcend has three ports on its front face and a fourth on the side. Precisely the latter offers some interesting features, because it is a port for ultra-fast charging , which complies with the USB 1.2 specification Battery Charging. You can supply an output current up to 2A, used to recharge theiPad , for example. It also provides ample power to recharge a smartphone, a digital camera, a tablet or e-reader, among other equipment.

This has the advantage that you do not need all these porters carry, but only the hub. That something really useful, especially when you travel, to go a little luggage. The manufacturer claims that it is fullycompatible with many different operating systems , including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X and Linux. Its dimensions are 49.5 and 78.6 by 15 millimeters.

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